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We make NFT stats accessible for everyone

Who we are?

We, the NFT Price Floor team, are a bunch of enthusiasts of digital collectibles, crypto art, gaming and metaverses. We believe that NFTs have enormous potential to empower participants of the new Creators Economy, and revolutionize the distribution and monetization of all types of digital content.

Why did we create NFT Price Floor?

Because this is a fast-moving ecosystem, and we believe that good information is vital to making better decisions and overcoming FOMO.

As we were not happy with the information that existed on different platforms, in 2021, we decided to create our own website. We launched as an NFT Price Floor Tracker, but we have grown a lot since then...

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What do we currently do at NFT Price Floor?

  • We index NFT data from active marketplaces.
  • We curate that data to "clean the noise".
  • We sort the curated data to give it value and sense to users.
  • We allow users to interact with the data.

In short, we want NFT Price Floor to be the gateway to the NFT ecosystem, where users can find accurate and useful information quickly and easily. That's why we are building the first NFT retail super-app, where you would be able to discover, track and trade all the NFT markets in one place.

Our team

NFT Price Floor is composed of a multicultural team with many years of experience in the ecosystem. Our team converge different experts who have worked, across the world, in major players related to crypto, NFTs, web3, traditional banking, DeFi or e-commerce.

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We have already received support from

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