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NFTs with perks

Our explorer helps you discover many benefits of NFT collections that come in the form of NFT perks. If you are interested in any of the latest NFT benefits you see on the list, click on it, and you’ll be able to learn more details.

What is an NFT Perk?

The perks of owning an NFT are many and varied -the most important is the ability to prove ownership over a trustless and censorship-resistant digital asset. However, when we use the specific term “NFT Perks”, we usually refer to utilities and benefits that some NFT collections release or airdrop to their token holders under the form of newly minted NFTs. These Perk NFTs either have market value by themselves (that would be the case of a spin-off NFT collection) or can be redeemed for real-world assets or services. There are also cases where the perks are not created and distributed by the creator of the original collection, but by a third party.