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What are Adidas original NFTs?

Adidas has launched its NFT collection, called "Adidas into the Metaverse" consisting of 30,000 digital collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain. The NFTs provide holders access to exclusive physical merchandise and ongoing digital benefits. The project involves collaborations with well-known crypto personalities like Gmoney, PUNKS Comic, and Bored Ape Yacht Club.

The collection was released on December 17, 2021, and has been divided into three phases. Adidas' Bored Ape, Indigo Hertz, has informed the community about the release of subsequent phases. The first phase of the Adidas Originals collection included amazing news like the Adidas Prada NFT, Adidas BAYC NFT collaborations, Adidas NFT Hoodies, Adidas NFT Shoes, Adidas NFT Sweatshirt, etc.

Definitely, the arrival of an international fashion giant such as Adidas in the NFT world generated the noise and movements that such an event deserves. Let’s see how the Adidas NFT collection was launched.

The Adidas NFT Drop

Adidas implemented an original, as they have used to, way of launching their NFT collection. Into the Metaverse consisted of different drop phases, and now we are going to know how the Adidas NFT Drop time was.

PHASE 1: Community Projects Launch

The first phase, which marked the adidas NFT launch, featured several community projects, including the Prada re-source art project in collaboration with Zack Lieberman, which gave life to Prada Adidas NFT, Hot Seats with Bad Bunny, and WAGMI United's partnership to become the official kit supplier for Crawley Town FC.

PHASE 2: Exclusive Physical Merchandise

Phase 2 of the collection allowed NFT holders to claim exclusive physical merchandise by using their 3D NFT as a ticket. The available Adidas NFT merch included exclusive and highly desired fashion elements like the “gm gm Beanie”, “Hash Hoodie”, “Firebird Tracksuit” and some great Adidas NFT sneakers. Upon claiming the merchandise, holders received a Phase 2 NFT. Additionally, the largest airdrop in NFT history was given to holders who held through the snapshot. The mysterious airdrop hinted at the recently released Virtual Gear collection, the next phase.

UNBOXED: The Impossible Box

The Capsule collection, transformed into “The Impossible” Box on November 5, unveiling the Adidas Virtual Gear Collection. Holders of the second phase NFT, were able to "Unbox The Impossible" and reveal the contents of the capsule. The Virtual Gear Collection is Adidas first NFT collection of interoperable digital wearables, comprising 16 fascinating designs. Holders had the option to burn their capsule, or capsules if they were lucky enough, to reveal which design they would receive. The Virtual Gear Collection has redefined virtual fashion and created significant value for its holders.

What's next for Adidas Into the Metaverse NFTs?

Adidas has not revealed any details about its future plans for the Into the Metaverse project. However, Indigo Hertz, Adidas Bored Ape, stated that they would be "expanding and deepening our virtual & physical gear collections" while laying the groundwork for future success in the metaverse. Additionally, Adidas is creating a PFP collection in the coming future, with no information yet on its launch date.

However, at the moment, we know that Adidas is expanding and deepening its virtual and physical gear collections and has released a PFP styling tool for Virtual Gear holders to personalize their NFTs. In addition to this, the brand is expanding its entire operation by establishing a new creative studio dedicated to building strategy, product & technology, partnerships, and creative roles.

Moreover, rumours say that Adidas is also planning to launch a council, that will act as a sounding board for its ambitious plans. The company is strengthening its efforts while laying the groundwork for future success in the metaverse. We have to be really aware of Adidas next moves because right now we have only one certainty, when they launch a collection, big things happen.

What are the benefits of having Adidas Metaverse NFTs?

Owning an Adidas Metaverse NFT can offer several benefits to its holders. Even if the claiming period for physical merchandise is over, purchasing an Into the Metaverse NFT can still provide holders with future digital and physical utility, including attending an exclusive ITM holder event. Additionally, by buying a Virtual Gear NFT, collectors will receive an interoperable digital wearable.

Furthermore, by owning one of Adidas compatible partner collections, such as BAYC, something called on social medias as Adidas NFT Monkey, MAYC, or Inhabitants, it can be used as a PFP styling tool to customize the Virtual Gear NFT with the virtual wearable. Adidas has also mentioned plans to expand and deepen its virtual and physical gear collections, though no further details have been disclosed yet. Overall, owning Adidas Metaverse NFTs can provide holders with exclusive experiences and personalized digital fashion options. Definitely, a must for every NFT collector.

What was Adidas NFT price of mint?

Adidas made a significant entry into the NFT market by releasing its "Into the Metaverse" collection. The release marked the company's first-ever venture into the NFT space, and the collaboration between Adidas and notable NFT personalities, including Punks Comic and Bored Ape Yacht Club, attracted a lot of attention. The mint price for each NFT was 0.2 ETH, which at the time of sale, amounted to $763.

Despite the hefty price, all 30,000 NFTs sold out within hours of the launch, generating a staggering $22 million in sales. The quick sell-out demonstrated the high demand for the collection, with many buyers willing to pay a premium to get their hands on an Adidas NFT. The success of the launch event has positioned Adidas as a serious player in the NFT market and highlights the potential for established brands to capitalize on the growing interest in digital assets.

As we said at the beginning, Adidas entry into the world of NFTs lived up to expectations.