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Bright Moments
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What is the Bright Moments NFT?

Bright Moments NFT is an innovative and dynamic digital, but also a physical, art gallery that has gained global recognition for its unique approach to showcasing crypto art. It all began two years ago when Bright Moments held its inaugural live-minting event in Venice Beach, sparking the beginning of a remarkable journey.

Since then, the DAO-driven roving NFT art festival has made its mark in various cities, including NFT Art Berlin, New York, London, Mexico City, and now Tokyo.

The arrival of Bright Moments in Tokyo has brought a whole new level of excitement to the art scene. Bright Moments Tokyo takes the concept of minting generative Ethereum NFT artwork, which is created in real-time through blockchain-based coding, and transforms it into an immersive live experience. This extraordinary event transcends geographical boundaries, encompassing multiple locations and featuring three distinct digital art collections by numerous acclaimed artists.