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What is Pixel Vault NFT?

If you've been delving into the world of NFTs and crypto-assets, the question "What is Pixel Vault?" may have caught your attention. Founded in 2021, Pixel Vault serves as a hub for Intellectual Property creation, focusing on elevating the stature of assets native to the cryptocurrency ecosystem across various platforms. From digital art and collectibles to interactive experiences, Pixel Vault is at the forefront of innovation in this decentralized digital realm.

But what sets Pixel Vault apart from other players in the space? The answer lies in its unique governance structure, known as the Pixel Vault DAO. DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization, and it’s a game-changer in how digital communities manage themselves. In the case of Pixel Vault, governance is intrinsically linked to the Founder’s DAO NFT. This particular ERC-721 NFT, designed by the artist Fvckrender, grants its holder a proportional say in the DAO's decisions. In essence, if you own this NFT, you have a stake in the direction and policies of the Pixel Vault ecosystem.