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Randomly generated on-chain ascii text faces. All attributes and metadata are on-chain and easily viewable via the etherscan UI. The face generation algo was shut off after 10000 faces were minted. Project was launched in January 2020. Symmetry can be in one of 3 tiers: 0, 50%, 100%. If both eyes match and both face pieces match, the face will have 100% symmetry. If only one of those match, the face will have 50% symmetry. Golf Scores are an aggregate score of how rare each of the 5 face pieces are for a given face. Percent Bear is a score that gives 16 points for each bear piece, and then adds to a random number between 1 and 20. Combo score is calculated as: Percent Bear / Golf Score created by natealex

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ChainFaces Price Floor and Sales Live Data

The current price floor of ChainFaces is ETH and the 24 hour trading volume is ETH with 0 sales. We update the ChainFaces ETH price floor every 5 minutes. In the last 24 hours, the price floor of ChainFaces is down The 7D average sale price is The project is currently ranked #215 in NFT Price Floor with a floor cap of 1,000 ETH. It has a listed ratio of 9.48% and a max supply of 10,000.