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by Remilia Collective(Aug 24, 2021)
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Milady Maker is an NFT collectible created by Remilia Collective that was released on 8-24-2021. The project consists of 10,000 unique digital items living on the Ethereum blockchain. We categorize it as a pfp/avatar project and it's part of the Remilia Collective general collection.

What is a Milady NFT?

The Milady NFT collection is a desired set of 10,000 unique generative profile image NFTs. These digital assets feature anime-girl-style avatars in a neo-chibi aesthetic, inspired by the street-style tribes of Tokyo's modern pop culture. Each Milady NFT is one of a kind, with its own distinct features and cosmetic options.

The Milady NFTs were designed by a member of the anonymous online collective, Remilia Collective, who goes by the name of "Milady Sonora" or "Milady Sonoro." The mastermind behind the project and self-identified "CEO" of Remilia is Charlotte Fang, also known as Charlie or Charlemagne.

In an essay titled "Milady Maker: Notes on the Design Process," Fang outlines the schema behind the traits assigned to each Milady. Miladys with rarer items, such as clothes, accessories, and skin colours, are assigned a higher "drip score", from the "SS" tier down to "Normal."

The Milady NFTs collection has been subjected to controversy due to their use of the term "SS" to denote the rarest items. Some have criticized the decision to use "SS," given the shared initials with the Nazi paramilitary organization. However, Fang has denied any such connection.

Holders of a Milady coin don't just hold a desired digital asset, they also gain access to a highly customized Minecraft server, providing them with a unique gaming experience.

Before getting deeper into the collection, we can say that the Milady NFT collection is a unique and highly valuable set of digital assets that has captured the attention of crypto enthusiasts and lots of digital art investors. With their distinctive artwork, cosmetic options, controversy, and gaming perks, Milady NFTs have become a sought-after addition to any NFT collection.

What was the controversy around the Milady Maker NFT?

Milady NFTs have been surrounded by controversy due to their connection to Remilia, a group with a slogan that seems to be more of a cultural signifier than a clear statement of purpose.

The group has held three Miladys NYC raves, with heavy borrowing from Japanese streetwear culture. However, Remilia's connection to the "new right" scene in New York City, which is more indebted to Nick Land and Curtis Yarvin than to the MAGA crowd, has raised concerns about the group's ideology.

Cypherpunk libertarians and crypto guys who are critical of "woke culture" have taken hold of Milady NFTs, which has further fueled speculation about the group's political leanings. Critics have drawn connections between Remilia Milady and Kaliacc, a defunct collective that has been linked to Nazi ideology. The group's website still links to one of its old Twitter handles, "Ariosophy," which is a nod to Nazi ideology.

Some have even claimed that the person behind the "Charlotte Fang" personality was also behind "Miya," one of the two most prominent figures in Kaliacc, whose Twitter account has been banned due to virulently anti-gay, anti-trans, and white nationalist tweets. Reality indicates to us that, currently, this accusation hasn´t been proven, but lots of people in the crypto environment have pointed out that the controversial behaviour is an undeniable fact. We will look at some more examples in this regard below.

What's next for the Milady NFT collection?

The Milady NFT collection, a project launched by the Remilia Collective in August 2021, has faced controversy due to a spin-off collection called Milady, that B.I.T.C.H. which featured avatars on t-shirts emblazoned with the word “Treblinka”.

The Remilia Collective stated that the words on the t-shirts were randomly generated and claimed that it was an honest mistake. However, some in the Milady community didn't accept this explanation, and the controversy surrounding the collection grew.

In response to the controversy, Charlotte Fang, the self-declared CEO of Remilia, stated that it was all a joke. Despite her claims, many members of the Milady community were outraged and felt misled. Some expressed disappointment and confusion over the situation, as they had previously found the project and community to be based, hilarious, and culturally rich.

The controversy surrounding the Milady crypto NFT collection highlights the challenges that NFT artists face in the digital world, including accusations and controversies that can arise at any moment. It remains to be seen how the Milady NFT collection will move forward and if it will be able to regain the trust and support of its community.

Who is behind the Milady crypto project?

Charlotte Fang, who goes by various names such as Charlie or Charlemagne, is believed to be the driving force behind the Miladymaker NFT project and the self-proclaimed "CEO" of Remilia. Despite her high-profile role, very little is known about her background or personal life.

She has been described as a "ghost" and "enigma," with no public social media accounts and few public appearances. Her identity and motivations for launching Miladys NFT project remain shrouded in mystery.

Some people have raised concerns about Fang's connections to controversial online groups, such as Kaliacc, which has been accused of promoting bigotry and white nationalist ideology. While there is no concrete evidence linking Fang to these groups, her association with the Milady NFTs has led some to question the motives behind the project.

Others have criticized the Milady PFP themselves, accusing them of being a scam or a bubble waiting to burst. Despite these criticisms, the Milady NFTs continue to attract a significant amount of attention and have been the subject of numerous articles and discussions in online forums.

What was the Milady NFT price of mint?

Their first-ever mint event was highly anticipated, with many eager to get a Milady Maker NFT. The mint event consisted of 10,000 items, which were all up for grabs at a fixed mint Milady price of 0.06 ETH.

The Milady Maker mint event was a success, with all 10,000 items selling out quickly. The popularity of the project has continued to grow, with Milady Maker NFTs being traded on various marketplaces and commanding high prices. For example, the rarest Milady in the SS tier sold for 15 ETH, around $45,000 at the time, in March 2022, around the time that Miladys were starting to see a public resurgence.

Once again, the world proves to us, that controversy doesn't mean a lack of profit. In the meantime, the NFT world patiently waits for Milady Makers and Charlotte Fang's next move.

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