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Art Gobblers

Art Gobblers

by Justin Roiland(Oct 30, 2022)
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Art Gobblers is an NFT collectible created by Justin Roiland that was released on 10-30-2022. The project consists of 4,274 unique digital items living on the Ethereum blockchain. We categorize it as a pfp/avatar project and it's part of the Paradigm general collection.

What is the Art Gobblers NFT collection?

Art Gobblers is a unique NFT project that is self-sustaining and launched in October 2022. It was created by Justin Roiland and Paradigm, along with other contributors such as designers, animators, strategists, illustrators, and community builders. The project has gained significant attention in the NFT space, recording over 8,000 ETH in trading volume just 24 hours after launch, despite the ongoing bearish trend in the market.

The NFTs in the Art Gobblers collection are ERC-721 standard and are animated. They are known as "Gobblers," which eat the art created by artists using the drawing tool compatible with desktop computers, iPad, or Cintiq. These Gobblers then transform the art into 1-of-1 NFTs through gamification, and the consumed artwork belongs to the Gobbler that ate it on-chain and is permanently displayed in its belly gallery.

The project is designed to be a self-sustaining ecosystem for creating and collecting culturally relevant art without the need for human intervention. Gobblers produce Goo tokens, which are used to create blank pages that artists can use to draw their art. As the cultural relevance of Art Gobblers grows, so will the demand from collectors, and artists will be incentivized to continue creating their best work.

The mechanisms that make up the Art Gobblers factory were set in stone at the time of minting, and the project is intended to be a long-term, sustainable venture. It remains to be seen whether Art Gobblers will continue to be successful in the NFT space or if it is just another get-rich-quick gimmick.

Who is behind the Art Gobblers Paradigm?

Goobers' Art NFT collection has been getting a lot of attention recently, and for good reason. The collection is the brainchild of a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, who has had previous success in the NFT space.

The creator of Goobers Art is none other than the renowned artist and television producer, Jack. Jack is widely recognized for his popular animated TV series, of which “Rick and Morty” may be the most famous one. Additionally, he has been involved in the NFT space since early 2021. One of Jack's previous NFT artworks, titled "The Splintons", was sold for a whopping $290,000.

However, Jack's reputation alone is not the only factor that has contributed to the success of Goobers' Art. The project is co-created by a leading Web3 investment firm called The Paradigm. The Paradigm is known for supporting innovative projects from their early stages and providing additional capital over time to their portfolio companies.

Some of the other companies backed by The Paradigm include crypto giants like Binance, Chainlink, and Uniswap, to name a few. Given The Paradigm's reputation in the Web3 industry, it's no surprise that investors and collectors alike are bullish on projects they support, such as Gooblers Art.

What is the Art Gobblers Goo ecosystem?

ArtGobblers is an art ecosystem that is self-sustaining, created through the interaction of different mechanics. Their ecosystem includes:

  • The Goo token
  • Pages
  • Gobblers and the legendary ones

Goo, also known as ​​Goo Gobbler, is an ERC20 token created by Art Gobblers NFTs, used to create new Blank Pages, and determines the type of art that enters the Gobblers' ecosystem. The number of Pages that can be produced is limited by the project’s VRGDA mechanism, and producing art Pages is the primary purpose of Art Gobblers.

Gobblers are fully animated ERC721 NFTs that produce Goo and eat art. Once an artist feeds a Goo Gobblers a Page of art, the ownership of the Page transfers to the Art Gobblers contract, which then specifies the precise Gobble Goo to which the art now belongs.

Legendary Gobblers are the rarest of all Gobblers, and they can be obtained by burning a considerable number of normal Gobblers. The Gobblers serve as the backbone of the Art Gobblers ecosystem, and all other elements are directly or indirectly connected to them.

For example, we can find the Gobbler’s belly gallery. This gallery is where gobbled art is permanently displayed, and the Gobblers also produce blank page NFTs using the Art Gobblers Goo token, $GOO, which artists use to craft their artwork. The ownership of the art is transferred to the Gobbler that ate it, so when an owner sells or transfers a Gobbler, all gobbled art pages go with it too. Maybe, now, we can understand why so many people are talking on Social Media about the Art Gobblers Goo token.

What was the Art Gobblers mint price?

The Art Gobblers project had an initial offering of only 2,000 NFTs available for free minting. Yes, as you´re reading it Art Gobblers mint was free of charge. Out of these, 300 were allocated to the project team and contributors.

The remaining 8,000 NFTs can be minted by players over the next decade using Goo tokens, through the VRGDA mechanism. The VRGDA mechanism is designed to adjust the minting price depending on the sales pace, increasing the price if sales are higher than expected and decreasing it if sales are lower.

The project aims to maintain exclusivity by slowing down issuance over time, with a fast issuance rate in the initial phases.

Which was the most expensive Gobblers NFT ever sold?

An NFT collection, that allows artists to draw on blank pages that can be "gobbled" up by the Gobblers, is destined to catch NFT collectors' attention and hype around itself. The Gobblers, in turn, transform the artwork into one-of-a-kind NFTs that belong to the Gobbler that ate it. The project has gained significant traction in the NFT community, with some Gobblers selling for high prices.

The most expensive Gobblers NFT ever sold was #9949, which was purchased for 21.5 ETH, equivalent to around 33,000 USD. This particular Gobblers NFT is considered rare due to its unique design, which sets it apart from the others in the collection. The rarity of the NFT, combined with its unique design and the exclusivity of the Paradigm Art Gobblers collection, contributed to its high sale price. Considering that this NFT was minted for free, the amount of profit sounds delightful.

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