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What is Beanz Official NFT?

Hand-drawn avatar NFT king  Azuki NFT created the partner NFT Beanz as a sidekick to each Azuki Beanz holder. However, with time, these cute NFTs are getting as much traction as the Azuki NFTs. They represent the unique idea of a decentralized metaverse – giving crypto enthusiasts a reason to hope about true utilities within the metaverse.

Beanz NFT: a spin-off of Azuki NFT

Beanz official NFT is a collection of 20,000 algorithmically generated small species that sprout from the dirt to become a sidekick of an Azuki. While they have a certain desire to help, some Beanz wants to carve their own path in this world to find success.

Each Azuki bean comprises 12 traits (483 in total), ranging from the background, clothing, eyes, face, and headgear to offhand, shoe, and type. There are also some special characteristics of these NFTs that give them unique personalities.

Beanz is borne out of Azuki's primary principle to create "cool" artworks that can be later merchandized. That is why, right off the bat, the most noticeable thing about this Beanz artwork is its simplicity. The edges are sharply designed, and each Beanz's facial expression is profound.

Beanz might be the ERC-721A tokens that show off the technical prowess of the Azuki developers. Azuki holders can buy the Beanz by paying Azuki. They are part of the evolving lore of the Azuki space that doesn't change the nature of the NFT.

Although many YouTubers are unclear about what it means, they are deeply bullish about the various lore aspects of this project.

Speaking of the lore aspects of this NFT project, Beanz is of two types. There are the red beans and the blue beans. Red Beanz is called Toshi. Most Red Beanz doesn't follow any rules that are given to them. They do whatever they want, making their own through the overarching lore of Azuki. The lore says they don't like to do what they are told.

“They bite if you tell them to do something” – Goats and Metaverse YouTube channel revealed this about the Beanz project. However, they don’t like to fight and can’t skate.

Blue Beanz are quirky NFTs that can't seem to get out of trouble. They are always looking to have more fun within the space and always pull outlandish pranks to the point of being mean. One unique factor about the blue Beanz is that they weren't named; naming these NFTs was left up to the community. Other BEANZ were later introduced, ranging from pinto beans to coffee to a spirit bean.

The Beanz NFT was first airdropped to Azuki holders as a surprise on March 31st, 2022. A week later, this NFT project was sold on the Opensea, where its price accumulated around 5ETH for a long time.

Beanz NFT price hit its peak in the early days of May, and it reached 6.4ETH. However, it was the calm before the storm as the Terra-triggered crypto crash brought the entire crypto market down. The sales of NFTs went down by 150% during this time. As a result, the price of Beanz NFT bottomed at 0.83ETH before bouncing to 1.68ETH. There was a slight correctional later to below 1ETH. The Beanz NFT reached the accumulation phase afterward and now is trading around 0.55ETH and ranks #41 by floor cap.

Who are the Founders of Beanz Official NFT?

The Beanz Official NFT is from Chiru labs founder Zagabond, the startup behind once the world's best-selling NFT, Azuki. It is part of the Azuki Zen universe.

There is not much to be said about the founders of this unique NFT project, as Beanz Official was created as a way to give Azuki holders something back for supporting the project for so long.

The overall idea of the Beanz Official NFT is to give them a role of a sidekick. However, that is a far cry from what these beans are about.

What is the Origin Story of Beanz NFT?

Beanz NFT’s official story isn’t in any whitepaper. It was airdropped as a surprise on march 31st to all the Azuki Holders to give back to the community. However, the real idea behind Beanz NFT is to help make the Azuki NFT space with more personality and quirkiness.

The official backstory of BEANZ is that they are small species that sprouted from the dirt in the garden, and they might be a great sidekick for the azuki. However, there are those among this project that are much fine with kicking in on their terms.

It was borne out of the community's idea to introduce something similarly cool as the Azuki NFTs to the project. However, the shape of these NFTs serves another purpose: to give other artists a chance to collaborate. They can take these BEANZ and customize them to their liking.

What makes Azuki Beans Unique?

The factor that makes Azuki BEANZ unique is its reason for existing. Holding this NFT will allow holders entry to a unique discord channel. Holders will also have access to merch, collectibles, and airdrops.

Another unique factor is community contribution. There are two types of BEANZ; One is the red BEAN, a quirky NFT known as Toshi. The other is the Blue Bean, whose name is given by the community as Les.

However, later more versions of BEANZ were dropped, including

  1. Tao the lentil
  2. Link the black BEANZ
  3. Johny C the coffee bean
  4. Penny the Pinto bean
  5. Ash the purple Bean
  6. Pip the black-eyed pea
  7. ED the Edamame Bean
  8. Frida the Jelly Bean
  9. Sun the gold Bean
  10. Kami, the rare "ghost" bean

As per the original tweets, more developments might be coming. However, movers must remain a bit cautious because of the current bear market. It is not tuned for NFT investments – especially those that do not have a real use-case yet.

What is the impact of BEANZ NFT?

While Azuki NFT entered the scene and quickly became one of the best-selling NFTs in the market, things weren't as kosher for BEANZ NFT. The primary reason behind that was timing. BEANZ NFT peaked in the market at the time when the dread of Terra LUNA going to zero was over people's heads.

That said, BEANZ is simple artwork. And their simple outline has been chosen to give artists a way to create their derivative NFT projects.

BEANZ and the Metaverse

While there is much news about the Azuki brand stepping into the metaverse, no such plans have yet to surface for the BEANZ official NFT.

BEANZ Official NFT Breakdown

Here is the breakdown of the official BEANZ NFT traits:

  1. Eight backgrounds
  2. 105 Clothing
  3. 9 Eyebrows
  4. 27 Eyes
  5. 18 Faces
  6. 73 Hands
  7. 56 Headgears
  8. 45 Mouths
  9. 89 offhand
  10. 25 Shoes
  11. 12 Special
  12. 16 Types

There are 483 traits to choose from, with an unusually high trait count within the NFT space.

How to buy BEANZ NFT?

It is a bear market, making buying BEANZ NFT a safe bet if you want to buy the dip to make new gains. There is enough mileage behind this NFT project to make it thrive in the future through merchandising. However, it would be better if the developers cleared the stance on the metaverse because people are only paying attention to those NFTS that provide real utility.

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BEANZ Official is an NFT collectible created by Azuki that was released on 3-31-2022. The project consists of 19,950 unique digital items living on the Ethereum blockchain. We categorize it as a pfp/avatar project.

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