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Chromie Squiggle by Snowfro

Chromie Squiggle by Snowfro

by Art Blocks(Nov 27, 2020)
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Chromie Squiggle by Snowfro is an NFT collectible created by Snowfro that was released on 11-27-2020. The project consists of 9,994 unique digital items living on the Ethereum blockchain. We categorize it as a art project and it's part of the Art Blocks general collection and the Curated subcollection.

What is Chromie Squiggle? A comprehensive guide.

Chromie Squiggle is one of the most relevant collections of NFT-based generative art. It was released as the inaugural collection of Art Blocks, a platform that facilitates the launch of on-chain generative artworks on the Ethereum blockchain. Art Blocks would represent a complete revolution for the traditional generative art scene.

In this guide we will not only explain what Chromie Squiggle NFTs are. We will also review their history, analyze the attributes that differentiate them and explain which are the most relevant metrics that you have to analyze before getting to buy your first NFT.

Chromie Squiggle: on-chain generative art on the Ethereum blockchain

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Chromie Squiggle is Art Blocks, the platform that has revolutionized on-chain generative art on the Ethereum blockchain.

Snowfro, the creator of Chromie Squiggle, is also the founder of Art Blocks. That's why Chromie Squiggle would be picked as the platform's inaugural collection. A series of 10,000 unique pieces, with the appearance of a multicolored doodle, that would be generated at the time of purchase by the user. All the metadata from the minting transaction is used as a randomness source for the creation process of each Chromie Squiggle.

In Art Blocks, collections or drops are classified into three categories: Curated, Playground, and Factory. Chromie Squiggle is the drop #0 of the Series 1 of Art Blocks Curated, and its cap of 10,000 items still has not been reached. The outstanding pieces yet to be minted will be distributed manually to collectors and members of the community over time.

Chromie Squiggle and Art Blocks History

In generative art, artists do not control the entire creative process. The pieces are not designed in a traditional way, but rather the artist is limited to creating a script that will generate random outputs based on different conditions. It is an artistic movement that is not really new - it is more than 60 years old - but that with the emergence of blockchain technology has found new forms of expression.

And among these forms of expression we find the on-chain generative art, one that uses as a source of randomness in the process of creating a work, the interaction of the users of the Ethereum blockchain at the time of claiming / buying it.

In the current boom in on-chain generative art, the Art Blocks platform would play a very prominent role. Created by SnowFro, of Mexican origin but installed in Texas, the platform is a marketplace that acts as a meeting place for generative art collectors and artists who demanded a comfortable system to display their scripts.

Art Blocks

Unlike conventional generative art, in Art Blocks the artist cannot cure the result of his production. Once the script is deployed and the "minting" process begins, it is impossible to control the outputs resulting from the artistic creation of it. Hence, the algorithms and artists with the most mastery are those capable of generating a wide spectrum of varieties, but always guaranteeing a level of quality and unifying compositional elements that make the work easily recognizable. In other words, the result must be varied, of quality but at the same time clearly distinctive as a whole. A task that is not easy.

SnowFro would not only found Art Blocks as a generative art enthusiast, but being an artist himself, he would inaugurate the platform with the launch of his Chromie Squiggle collection on November 27, 2020. At that time SnowFro was already a respected figure. for his prominent role as a CryptoPunks collector. He had been working on Chromie Squiggle for years, using it as an example among professionals in the design industry of the infinite possibilities of generative art combined with blockchain technology.

NFTs, crypto collectibles and generative art

As we've discussed before, Chromie Squiggles are generative artworks represented in NFT format - that is, as non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Chromie Squiggle Typologies and Attributes

At NFT Price Floor we classify NFTs based on a series of categories: avatars, art, gaming, derivatives and metaverse. As you can imagine, Chromie Squiggles are artworks, specifically a collection of unique pieces of generative art. & Nbsp;

When talking about crypto art in general, the works can be unique and be represented under the formula 1/1. But they can also be part of a series and be represented as 1 / x - where x is the total number of original replicas of the work that the author has produced.

In the case of Art Blocks, series like Chromie Squiggle are defined under the formula 1/1 / x. & nbsp; This is so because the series is not made up of replicas, but each work is unique and singular. Hence the 1 of 1 of x - where x is the total number of pieces in the series in question.

Chromie Squiggle is a 1 of 1 of 10,000 drop - that is, a collection of unique pieces with a total supply of 10,000 items. It is important to note that there are currently not 10,000 Squiggles in circulation, since once 9200 works were minted, the script was paused. From then on the remaining number is only gradually distributed manually.

Each Chromie Squiggle is unique, but not all have the same rarity. Some pieces have extremely rare attributes, while others are very common - which is reflected in their price. These attributes give rise to 6 general subcategories and 4 spectrum subcategories, all of them with very different degrees of rarity.

Chromie Squiggle's Types

Based on these 6 general subcategories, the Chromie Squiggles can be:

  • Standard, which are 61.46% of the total.
  • Slinky, which are 11.67% of the total.
  • Fuzzy, which are 10 , 60% of the total.
  • Ribbed, which is 7.81% of the total.
  • Bold, which is 4.55% of the total.
  • Pipe, which is 1.91% of the total.

The 4 spectrum subcategories Chromie Squiggles are classified into are: Normal, HyperRainbow, Full Spectrum, and Perfect Spectrum. HyperRainbows stand out for their striking color combination. Full Spectrum are those that contain all the colors. While the Perfect Spectrum present each color in the same proportion.

This complex system of general subcategories and attributes related to the color spectrum, endows the work of greater interest for collectors. The fact that it is the Genesis collection by Art Blocks - a reference platform for on-chain generative art - is another factor that has caused millions of dollars to be paid for Chromie Squiggles of great rarity.

An interesting aspect

Although most people believe that Chromie Squiggles are static works of art, the truth is that they are animated. If you click on them, an effect is launched that alternates the color along its segments. The space bar allows you to adjust the background color. And the up and down buttons allow you to increase or decrease the speed at which the colors of the Squiggle segments alternate.

How to buy a Chromie Squiggle?

If you didn't have a chance to mine a Chromie Squiggle when it was released on Art Blocks, you will always have a chance to buy it on a secondary market. Although after the incredible bull rally they have experienced, you will have to be willing to pay a lot more!

The most convenient option to buy a Chromie Squiggle currently is OpenSea. Now, other platforms like NFTX are adopting marketplace-like features, so it's worth exploring as well.

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