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by Takashi Murakami(Dec 12, 2021)
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Clone X is an NFT collectible created by Takashi Murakami that was released on 12-12-2021. The project consists of 19,500 unique digital items living on the Ethereum blockchain. We categorize it as a pfp/avatar project and it's part of the RTFKT general collection.

What is a CloneX NFT?

While there are many NFT projects headed to the metaverse, none of them holds a candle to the iterations developed in the Clone X -Takashi Murakami project. It is spearheading toward the metaverse with high-end NFT avatars that are designed within a 3d ecosystem.

Clone X NFT: next generation 3D PFP avatars

Clone X NFT is short for Clone X by Takashi Murakami. This mouthful of an NFT project is a collection of 20,000 next-generation avatars created as a collaboration between Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami and design studio RTFKT. All characters are designed to be metaverse ready. Each NFT is a collection of 11 traits, ranging from accessories to back to DNA to eye colour and more.

The Clone X has been described as one of the ambitious NFT projects by RTKFT and Takashi Murakami. The devs have described it as a project that focuses on the whole ecosystem to drive the community towards and into the metaverse with the help of NFTs that focus on quality.

According to the backstory of Clone X NFT:

Clone X Corp came to life when three extra-terrestrials from Orbitar in the Draco constellation came to earn and started focusing on creating technology that can evolve them towards an immaterial existence. They desire to transfer human consciousness to advanced clone forms to create the ultimate metaverse.

There is no human limited by the limitations of their biology in this metaverse. Every human is represented by their digital Clone – X avatars.

The lore further goes into how these avatars are the artistic expressions of those humans – allowing them to move past their limitations and across new galaxies and simulations.

The aim behind the creation of this project was to pave the way for virtual wearables and was introduced at a time when PFP (Profile Pictures) NFT projects were the most common. But it took the market by storm during launch, garnering much attention from NFT-bros who were looking for a project that is more than just a big roadmap. And right off the bat, Clone X grabbed their attention with its 3D artwork with anime undertones.

The project was first introduced as a presale, with RTFKT saying they wanted to make the project as affordable as possible. In this presale, Clone X NFT mint price was just 0.05 ETH for holders of previous RTFKT NFT drops. The public mint price on October 22, 2021 was 2 ETH for the rest of the community.

That price point was a great buying opportunity for the early movers because once the project landed on Opensea, its prices grew to 4.9ETH in December 2021. Clone X Takashi trended sideways for a while but then increased parabolically to 15.49ETH by the end of January. It was during the heyday of NFTs, and Clone X Takashi Went through another uptick to its all-time high of 19.2ETH soon after.

The NFT’s value then retreated in response to the bear market when NFT sales hit an all-time low. However, because of the strength behind this project and the bullishness of NFT enthusiasts, Clone-X could find support around the 5.5ETH price point.

Clone X Takashi has become one of the more interesting NFT projects as of late since it has been hit the least by the bear market.

Who are the founders of Clone X NFT by Takashi Murakami?

Clone X Takashi Murakami is a project created through collaboration between RTFKT Studios and Takashi Murakami.

RTFKT studios once was an independent design studio working on unique sneakers and other digital apparel for the virtual world. Their ubiquity soon caught the attention of Nike, the world’s leading sports apparel company, who soon acquired it to grow Nike’s “innovative and creative community and extend Nike’s digital footprint and capabilities.”

Despite the acquisition, RTFKT has continued to retain its creative identity. As a creator-led organization, RTFKT uses the latest game engines, Augmented Reality, and blockchain technology to create unique digital artifacts within the virtual world. The team has worked with many brands, including Epic Games, Stable, Atari, Fewocious, and, of course, Nike.

However, its most important collaboration has been with Takashi Murakami, a Japanese artist with a unique niche. He focuses on fine arts media and commercial artworks. He collaborated with RFTKT through his company, Kaikai Kiki, where he manages several other artists.

Takashi Murakami and RTFKT CloneX collaboration collection

RKTFT wanted to create an NFT project that pays homage to the OG NFT – CryptoPunks – while still retaining its unique identity of being a metaverse-ready NFT. Their inspiration was due to two reasons:

Create an NFT project that’s an instant hit with the crowd. The NFT project should be considered a great collector’s item.

Because they wanted the NFT project to cover all of those aspects, they wanted to partner up with an artist with the brand power to create collectibles. They then wanted to transform that NFT into 3D renderings and make them metaverse-ready. Murakami is a known name in cross-culture collaboration, having worked with brands like Louis Vuitton and more. After launching his first Nintendo-inspired NFT project, he started focusing on crypto art. Then one day, as he scrolled through Instagram, he came across RTKFT, and the rest is history.

The project quickly took shape and became Clone X Takashi Murakami.

What is Clone X NFT value proposition?

CloneX RTFKT unique value proposition comes from being an artistic project while still being a 3D rendered NFT. These are 20,000 anime-style avatars comprising 8 DNAs. Each DNA determines the level of rarity of the NFT. The major factors that make this project unique are as follows:

Brand Power of Takashi Murakami

Takashi Murakami is one of the most renowned modern Japanese artists and an NFT-enthusiast. And an NFT with great brand power can create positive hype in the ecosystem.


Inclusion has been a big part of the new NFT ecosystem. And RTFKT NFT Clone X by Takashi Murakami promotes it thoroughly. All NFTs have different skin tones, allowing the holders to be truly emotionally invested in the ones they own.

Metaverse Projects

The entire Clone X RTFKT project, including Clone X Takashi, is metaverse-ready. These 3d virtual avatars can easily integrate with the most current and upcoming metaverse projects.

Impact of the NFT Clone X - Takashi Murakami

Clone X Takashi is one of the most metaverse-ready projects available in the market. And one of its biggest impacts has been on its roadmap.

The project delivers physical equivalents of digital wearables. The NFT holders can get access to new collection drops and wearables from the RTFKT and creators. Those holders also get access to unique RTFKT Clone X NFT collection experiences.

The success of this project has inspired other brand-based NFTs to focus on creating better real-world utilities for their tokens.

CloneX Rarity

Here is the breakdown of the Clone X NFT rarity traits and attributes:

  • Accessories: 11 accessories, ranging from PTRA Earring to GLD studs.
  • Back: 12 types of backs ranging from swords to demonz.
  • Clothing: 119 types of clothing ranging from FLOOR tee to BLCK – RD Varsity JCKT
  • DNA: 8 types of DNA, ranging from human to alien.
  • Eye Colours: 33 types of eye colors.
  • Eye wear: 25 types of eye wears.
  • 31 Facial Features
  • 163 versions of hair
  • 19 Helmet
  • 40 Jewelry
  • 49 mouths
  • 13 types Overall, there are 300 different traits.

Clone X NFT price

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