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Cool Cats is an NFT collectible created by Cool Cats Group that was released on 6-27-2021. The project consists of 9,968 unique digital items living on the Ethereum blockchain. We categorize it as a pfp/avatar project and it's part of the Cool Cats Group general collection.

What is the Cool Cats NFT collection?

The world of NFTs is filled with countless collections, each with its own unique style and flair. One such collection that has garnered a lot of attention and popularity is the Cool Cats NFT collection. This collection consists of 9,999 programmatically generated NFTs, each with its own set of distinct traits and characteristics.

Like its predecessor, CryptoPunks, each NFT from the Cool Cats collection is made up of a variety of unique traits. These traits can include different facial features, hair, clothing items, and more. In fact, there are over 300,000 possible combinations that can be generated, making each Cool Cat NFT truly one-of-a-kind.

While all Cool Cats are cool in their own right, not all of them are created equal. Some Cool Cats are rarer and therefore more valuable than others. In the Cool Cats collection, about half of the NFTs have a basic degree of "cool," meaning that they are worth three or four points. However, some of the Cats are considered to be "wild", "classy," or even "exotic," and these NFTs are worth significantly more points.

Despite the ranking system based on points, it's important to note that each and every Cool Cat NFT is considered to be a Cool Cat. The Cool Cats community values each NFT and recognizes its unique characteristics, making the collection an inclusive and welcoming space for all collectors.

Now that we have an introductive picture of the Cool Cats NFTs, whit which we can start imagining why they are so popular, let´s get to know the whole characteristics of this adorable collection, beginning with the team behind the collection.

Who is behind the CoolCats NFTs?

The Cool Cats NFT collection is the brainchild of a talented and passionate team of four individuals, each with their own unique set of skills and expertise. At the forefront of the team is Tom Williamson, who brings his blockchain and smart contract expertise to the table. Rob Mehew, on the other hand, is responsible for web development and management. The team's creative director is Evan Luza, who ensures that every Cool Cat NFT is visually stunning and appealing to collectors. Finally, Colin Egan, also known as The Catoonist, is the illustrator responsible for bringing the iconic Blue Cat to life.

In an interview with Catster, Egan shared how the idea for the project came about, revealing that he had been drawing cartoon cats since high school. Over time, he developed the character of Blue Cat, perfecting every detail from the line weight to the ear height and whisker length, until the character was finally ready for the Cool Cats NFT collection. The Cool Cats NFT rarity, of course, was correlated with these kinds of care designs.

The team behind this Cool NFTs collection is made up of self-proclaimed "nerds" who are passionate about crypto, art and creating cool stuff. Their love for these things has led them to create a truly unique and innovative collection that has captured the attention of collectors and enthusiasts alike.

With their combined talents and expertise, the Cool Cats team has created a collection that not only showcases their passion for art and design, but also their knowledge of blockchain technology and the world of crypto. The launch of the Cool Cats in July 2021 was just the beginning for this talented team, and the future of the Cool Cats NFT collection is sure to be filled with even more exciting developments and innovations.

Cool Cat NFT and the launch of Cool Pets

The Cool Cats project, also known in the NFT ambient as the Social Cool Cats NFTs, experienced a massive expansion in September 2021 with the announcement of two major updates, Cool Pets NFT, and the $MILK token. These updates have caused the secondary sales of Cool Cats to soar, and as a result, the Cool Cats NFT floor price reached double digits for the first time. Expectations were that Cool Cats NFT utility will explode with these announcements and Cool Cats NFT floor spoke for itself.

Cool Pets is a series of NFTs that are companions to the Cool Cat PFP. The creators of Cool Cats, inspired by the success of companion collections like Bored Ape Kennel Club, KingFrogs, and Thingies, decided to introduce Cool Pets to expand the collector base and capitalize on demand. Cool Pets includes 19,999 NFTs, with half of the supply reserved for Cool Cats holders and the other half for public sale. Each pet starts as an egg and evolves into one of the four elements: Grass, Fire, Water, or Air, depending on the food and items provided to it.

The Cool Cats Marketplace offers loot crates that can be purchased with $MILK, which can be earned by doing daily quests with your Cool Pet. There are over 100 different quests available, including "Save the Forest", "Go Greet the Frogs", "Sniff for Danger", and "Get to Know the Townsfolk", with more quests to come. Cool Cat holders can also earn $MILK each day just by claiming it. With these exciting updates, the Cool Cats project is expected to continue growing and expand its influence in the metaverse, with a project called Cooltopia.

What was the Cool Cats NFT price of mint?

The Cool Cats collection made its debut in the NFT market in July of 2021 with a modest mint price of 0.02 ETH per NFT. In other words, buyers could purchase a Cool Cat NFT during its initial release for the primary sale price of 0.02 ETH. At the time, the value of one ETH was approximately $2,200, meaning that the Cool Cats NFT mint price was approximately $44 per token.

The mint price, of the Cool Cats NFT, will seem even cheaper after taking a look at the following section.

Which was the most expensive CoolcatsNFT ever sold?

In the world of non-fungible tokens, the Cool Cats collection captured the attention of many NFT enthusiasts and investors. Each Cool NFT is unique, with its own distinct design and character. As with any NFT collection, some of the Cool Cats have become more valuable than others, with some fetching impressive prices at auction.

One particular Cool Cat NFT that garnered significant attention and commanded a high price was Cool Cat #2506. This particular Cool Cat was sold on February 17, 2023, for a staggering $17.1k, making it the most expensive Cool Cat NFT to date. The sale of Cool Cat #2506 was a landmark moment for the collection, cementing its place as one of the most popular and valuable NFT projects on the market. With an initial price of $44, the seller of #2506 must be proud and happy with that cute little Cat.

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