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CrypToadz by Gremplin
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CrypToadz by Gremplin

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CrypToadz by Gremplin price floor and sales live data

What is CrypToadz by Gremplin

CrypToadz, at first sight, are nothing more than a collection of pixelated NFT toads. However, their unique traits and coupled with their approach towards creating fantastical lore, has pushed these NFTs into new horizons – carving their own space in the PFP (profile picture) domain.

CrypToadz NFT Explained

CrypToadz by Gremplin is a unique NFT collection of 6969 pixel style toads. All unique and randomly generated, these small amphibious NFT creatures, have been able to captivate the audience.

As of February 2022, they have been able to rake in 170 million US dollars, making CrypToadz the 12th most popular NFT to ever exist in the blockchain.

Created by crypto-artist Gremplin, known in the NFT circles as the visual historian of NFT space, each toad has several unique characteristics, complete with compelling features, insider reference of the NFT industry, and deep lore to keep the NFT enthusiasts interested.

Sporting a wide variety of customization, these toads, despite pixelated, have a certain personality cherished by the NFT enthusiasts. It has resulted in these Toadz being one of the most popular profile picture NFTs in the space.

The NFT space is constantly growing. And the toads, now being in the public domain, are aiding in its growth.

Who is the founder of CrypToadz?

Gremplin sought to create CrypToadz as art that focuses on the combination of social commentary and meme culture, something it has achieved in the NFT space.

Following along the lines of meme legends such as Dat Boi and Pepe the frog, since their inception the toadz have gained admiration and notoriety in the same measure all over the globe.

But how did this crypto artist start?

The answer lies in social media. Fascinated by the nuances of crypto Art, Gremplin plunged into the scene in January 2021 and started working to fuel his brand.

Slowly and gradually, he started to release small NFT projects, each unique and each with a quirky aspect that inflated the hype bubble around Toadz.

“It was not my first time with crypto. In 2017, I used to flip Cryptokitties. That is why I knew how volatile this place could be. So, I started to create my online presence as quickly as possible.”

Dubbing his way of branding and creating marketing awareness as the “Scattershot Method”, he said that to create notoriety around his NFT, he tried a bit of everything.

However, he didn’t attain the immediate success he thought he would have. One of the things that held him back was the presence of 3D crypto art – something in which he didn’t possess much experience.

But that didn’t stop him. Determined to set his foot in the NFT space, this time as a crypto artist, he started making simple art pieces out of cardboard and wool.

And then, he began the spin.

Although not huge, his artwork did get the attention of small NFT collectors. It further motivated him to start drawing basic shapes in the 3D software, which propelled him to create Cryotoadz.

And the rest is history.

From Weird Whales to CrypToadz

As Gremplin got more comfortable, more opportunities came his way, leading him to become involved in Nouns, a project nearly worth 50 million US dollars.

And that’s when Weird Whales arrived at the scene.

Created by a 12-year-old programmer from London, Weird Whales came into the picture as one of the Cryptopunk derivative projects. As one would hope, this project became popular very quickly – selling out within 12 hours.

“As I was live commenting on Weird Whales, it hit me, a punk version of the first animal that came to my mind, Freaky Frogz.”

After taking weeks to draw “Freaky Frogz '', he soon realized that it was time to make the animals sound more natural in the crypto space. And that’s what gave birth to CrypToadz.

What makes CrypToadz NFT unique?

“It is all about the lore within the NFT space.”

Most NFTs find it hard to justify their price (and, in some instances, their existence) in the NFT space. Gremplin understood that from the get-go, so he planned to set CrypToadz apart from the rest -- by creating fantastical lore behind them.

“CrypToadz NFTs are small amphibious creatures that roam around in the swampy basin of the Uniswamp.” - the last term is the wordplay on Uniswap, one of the most renowned decentralized exchanges on Ethereum.

Going further into the lore:

“Evil king Gremplin descended upon the swamp dispatched the leader of CrypToadz, Colonel Floorbin, exiling him to the Gooch island. That way, he removed all the resistance and declared himself the king who has the god-given right to rule over the toadz over all the metaverse”.

While this innocent bit of lore has no impact on how the people use this NFT, it has done enough to generate interest among those who wish to add more utility to the toadz. And it is these compelling stories that have become the driving force behind the growth of these NFTs.

Impact of CrypToadz

The rise and growth of CrypToadz have given way for many derivatives to arrive. These include Zombie Toadz, CrypToadz Sockz, and CryptoFlyz. Zombie Toadz acts as a DAO that brings together funds to purchase CrypToadz.

Two CrypToadz Socks are mintable by the holders of toadz.

And finally, CryptoFlyz is a derivative designed by the artist of SuperRare, Matt Landon.

These NFTs stand as proof that among all tokens, the impact of toadz on space is the most random. The market is volatile, but the sheer passion that exudes in the community that empowers it has created a unique “vibe.”

Speaking of “!vibe”, when you type it into the CrypToadz server, you’re going to get a picture of five bobbing turtles.

As for the future of this NFT that started as a riff on CryptoPunks, it is bright. With more derivatives coming to the scene and the community rapidly growing, we might see an evolved toad in future.

CrypToadz Breakdown

There are 6969 different toadz floating in the ETHEREUM blockchain. And while their value has risen from the initial 0.69, the traits that define them remain the same.

  1. 9 Accessories I
  2. 8 Accessories II
  3. 17 Backgrounds
  4. 34 Body types
  5. 3 Clothes
  6. 6 Custom Toadz
  7. 33 Eyes
  8. 53 Heads
  9. 18 Mouths
  10. 63 Names

Each toad takes up to 7 traits from the above collection.

How to buy CrypToadz?

If you wish to get your hands on one of the CrypToadz NFT and you thought that going to the official website would get you what you want, you’re wrong.

”SOLD OUT,” says the damp UniSwamp banner on the official website. However, don’t worry, as you can still try your luck at the secondary market. Just don’t hope to grab toadz at 0.69ETH, as this jokey and lewd cost is now gone. The floor price has increased.

And remember, if you want to stay updated about the price of CrypToadz and other collections, be in touch with NFT Price Floor. Here, you will have the data you need so that you can go beyond speculation and add an informed weight behind your decision to buy the next trendy non-fungible token.


CrypToadz by Gremplin is an NFT collectible created by Gremplin that was released on 9-8-2021. The project consists of 7,014 unique digital items living on the Ethereum blockchain. We categorize it as a pfp/avatar project.

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