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What are CyberKongz?

Cyberkongz are randomly generated unique 2D-3D avatars with a social aspect weaved into them. Capable of being used as Profile pics, these NFTs are now eyeing the metaverse. Let us now dive into the various traits of Cyberkongz and devise their exact value within the NFT space.

CyberKongz NFT Explained

Cyberkongz are a collection of Ethereum based digital collectibles that can act as avatars or profile pictures aimed to enhance your social experience. Started as a collection of 1000 NFTs, these highly customizable “kongz” have garnered a lot of NFT enthusiasts.

Launched by artists Myoo with little to no advertising campaign, Cyberkongz still generated enough steam that the heads in the NFT space started to turn. From NFT novices to veterans couldn’t help but get enchanted by the offerings of this Non Fungible Token.

So, what makes this project different from the rest? Is it the unique attributes of each kongz or, is it the social utility it has in social media?

In reality, the answer is a mix of both. Highly customized, randomized, and unique in all aspects, the Cyberkongz have invaded the space in the NFT-verse with their utility to act as profile pictures.

However, that was just the start of the journey.

They started as two-dimensional avatars. But due to the constant innovative efforts of the community NFT artists and developers, it is moving to the 3D space.

Upon observing that, we can safely say that the next logical step of this NFT is the same as all others, to enter into the metaverse.

Who is the founder of Cyberkongz?

Cyberkongz comes from the mind of the artist – or should we say a mad scientist – Myoo. He is one of the few pioneers of the creative NFT space whose contribution to this domain has been instrumental in pushing Crypto and NFT into the mainstream.

“Cryptopunks was what inspired me. They were the forefathers of what we call artistic NFTs.” – Myoo said in an interview given to Yahoo magazine.

Launched in March of 2021, Cyberkongz quickly started to gain notoriety with its 989 Genesis and ten Legendary Cyberkongz. And it was before people realized that, unlike most tokens whose utilities take to unravel, Cyberkongz could act as profile pictures right from the start.

Asserting how he leveraged the creative vacuum that existed during the time of launch, Myoo states, “There wasn’t a lot out at that point. That was one of the primary reasons why we had such a big uptake that we were able to form a close-knit community of developers – all coming together at a time when no one was shouting for the need of more NFTs with utility.”

“With time, some of the finest developers in the NFT and DeFi space came to join us, and we started developing community ideas.”

Those ideas gave rise to the $BANANA tokens, currency within the Cyberkongz space that the genesis kongz generate daily. Burning a certain number of bananas allows NFT owners to breed and incubate baby kongz, one of 4000 uniquely generated Cyberkongz who vary in traits as well as rarities.

What this community of highly talented developers first ideated – creating an NFT in a 2D state, is now morphing into the need to penetrate 3D space.

Myoo has thus released a third variant of Cyberkongz, the Cyberkongz VX in a bid to venture into the metaverse.

CyberKongz Types and their utilities

Currently, the family of CyberKongz have three types:

Genesis CyberKongz

These were the first 1000 NFTs to drop into the NFT space and included ten legendary drops. Costing 10 $Banana each, these NFTs that users can utilize as profile pics are the only Cyberkongz with the ability to yield $banana daily. Priced at $90 per $banana, it means that the owners can get rewards worth $900 daily. Every genesis Kongz will yield $BANANA for the next ten years.

Owners can either sell those $BANANA tokens at a hefty profit or use them to customize the names and the backstories of their genesis Cyberkongz.

Baby Cyberkongz

Using a form of the cybernetic breeding process, NFT creator Myoo gave life to another NFT and thus, evolving the Cyberkongz universe. Known as Baby Kongz, these “cute as a button” little NFTs require a lot of energy. The “breeding” process requires fuel that costs 600 $BANANA.

Owners can rename or create biographies of these kongz by spending bananas. Additionally, owning this one-of-a-kind NFT unlocks an exclusive Cyberkongz discord server.

Cyberkongz VX

Yearning to go far beyond the 2D NFT space, and push Cyberkongz into the metaverse, the team created Cyberkongz VX. Owners can utilize it in the Metaverse environments like The Sandbox, with more to come in the future.

In addition to being usable in The Sandbox and other metaverses, utilities of CyberKongz VX include renaming and unlocking an exclusive discord surfer. Also, owners can download the 3d kongz model to create their artworks or merchandise.

There are over 5000 items listed with varying traits on the secondary market. These include Genesis, Baby, Legendary and Birthday.

All these factors add another level of uniqueness to this NFT.

What makes CyberKongz unique?

The uniqueness of Cyberkongz comes from the perpetual innovative state the developers find themselves in. Myoo, it seems, is never satisfied staying stagnated at one place, and thus, is moving ahead with their high-quality team to venture into the metaverse.

“Another unique factor about us is that we don’t merely give you a roadmap; we act upon it, and only reveal our accomplishments once we have achieved them.” – Myoo added in an interview given to Yahoo Finance.

That zeal has pushed forward this NFT. Recently, the developers have purchased three plots of land on The Sandbox. They intend to create a futuristic cityscape within the metaverse where the community can use their avatars to engage socially.

What is the future of Cyberkongz?

This NFT project wants to go beyond social interactions, and its partnership with The Sandbox is the first step. The developer community is also in talks with other companies, and thus, there is a possibility that we will see these Kongz in other metaverses.

Although currently, the developers aim to expand the NFTs mainly in The Sandbox.

“We are trying to push the boundaries of what we can do in the Sandbox.” – Myoo states.

They aim to create larger avatars and popular larger spaces within the metaverse to add further value to the utility of these NFTs.

They seek to introduce gaming aspects that create value, Cyberkongz developers of more interactivity, minigames and meaningful engagement within the community members.

They intend to introduce more gamified areas that act as social hubs and provide minigames to the NFT holders. It will engage them in a meaningful way while keeping them entertained.

As these would require more areas, The developers are now partnering with companies to create their landscapes.

How to buy Cyberkongz?

CyberKongz NFTs were quickly grabbed by investors. However, for those of you wishing to purchase a Cyberkong NFT, you can venture into the secondary market in OpenSea, Rarible, LooksRare, NFTX and other marketplaces.

And remember, if you want to stay updated about the price of CyberKOngz and other collections, be in touch with NFT Price Floor. Here, you will have the data you need so that you can go beyond speculation and add an informed weight behind your decision to buy the next trendy non-fungible token.


CyberKongz is an NFT collectible created by CyberKongz that was released on 4-16-2021. The project consists of 1,000 unique digital items living on the Ethereum blockchain. We categorize it as a pfp/avatar project.

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