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by Undefined(Apr 4, 2023)
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Gemesis is an NFT collectible created by Undefined that was released on 4-4-2023. The project consists of 92,798 unique digital items living on the Ethereum blockchain. We categorize it as a utility nft project.

What is Gemesis? OpenSea Pro NFT Collection

Gemesis NFT collection it's a way to say thank you to Gem community members. OpenSea acquired Gem (NFT Marketplace Aggregator) in April 2022 and now rebranded it as OpenSea Pro.

What is OpenSea Pro?

OpenSea Pro it's a specific marketplace designed for professional NFT traders. The latest version of Gem's NFT aggregation platform, Gem v2, has been rebranded as the new product. Following OpenSea's acquisition of Gem in April 2022, the intention was to offer OpenSea users access to professional trading tools.

OpenSea Pro, with its zero percent fees, scours 170 marketplaces for listings to deliver the best deals to traders. It enables traders to sweep floors effectively, execute instant sales, manage inventory, optimize gas fees for efficient trades, maintain watchlists, and more. Additionally, it will be available on mobile devices.

Pro NFT collectors gain access to a higher level of flexibility, variety, and authority with OpenSea Pro.

Gem NFT Price of Mint

As a gesture of appreciation to the Gem community of users, OpenSea Pro offer a free mint. If you used Gem before March 31 '23, you’re eligible to claim the ‘Gemesis’ NFT, which can be minted directly on OpenSea.

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