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Gutter Cat Gang

by Gutter Labs(Jun 7, 2021)
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Gutter Cat Gang is an NFT collectible created by Gutter Labs that was released on 6-7-2021. The project consists of 3,000 unique digital items living on the Ethereum blockchain. We categorize it as a pfp/avatar project and it's part of the Gutter Labs general collection.

What is Gutter Cat Gang?

Gutter Cat Gang is one the most successful NFTs to date. A widely renowned NFT project with over 3000 one-of-a-kind NFTs, this gang seems to be growing at a steady pace with a large community behind it. With the eyes to establishing a Metaverse just like other ambitious NFT projects, the Gutter is moving at a breakneck speed by boosting the community aspect to add more utility to the NFT space.

Gutter Cat Gang NFT Explained

Gutter Cat Gang is a collection of 3000 uniquely generated NFTs that reside on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each Gutter cat is randomly generated from 117 different traits with nine different categories.

The Gutter Cats are part of the 12000 unique Gutter NFTS that entail 3000 animals of each species, including Gutter Rats, Gutter Dogs and Gutter pigeons.

Launched in early June, the NFTs soon earned the admiration of the NFT crowd and were sold out in under ten minutes.

Gutter Mitch, Gutter Dan and Gutter Rick, the founders of these NFTs, took inspiration for this collection from the cat videos that once, and still do, circle the shores of the internet – giving people their daily dose of cuteness.

However, the Gutter Cat Gang is much more. One look at the utility page of the official website will let visitors in on the vast visions that the developers have about these NFTs, including airdrops, a metaverse, collaborations, charities, multimedia and more.

These utilities separate Gutter Cat Gang from the rest. While some existing NFTs struggle to find relevance and justify themselves, Gutter Mitch and Gutter Rick have as much focus on real-life uses of the tokens as they have on the Metaverse.

Speaking of Metaverse, Gutter City is going behind the traditional route. In addition to giving the holders a place to socialize, play games and build a community, this upcoming Metaverse will have many business opportunities – an aspect that even the biggest detractors of the NFT space are beginning to understand.

Who are the Founders of Gutter Cat Gang?

The Gutter Cat Gang NFT comes from the entrepreneurial-infused mind of three individuals, Gutter Mitch, Gutter Ric and Gutter Dan.

However, one look at the official page of the team will tell you of its versatility.

Gutter Dan, Gutter Mitch and Gutter Rick are known as the three Head Honchos of the gang.

Gutter Ric is described as the Co-founder with a love for sushi and delivery service.

Gutter Dan is considered as the party animal of the team – having once ridden a tiger at a pool party.

And Gutter Mitch is described as the grooviest among the team of honchos, owning probably the most stylish Gutter Cat of the bunch.

Much of their backstories are revealed in an interview given to Tyler Gallagher of the Authority Magazine.

After receiving a marketing degree, Gutter Dan went on to start several entrepreneurial ventures.

However, the interest in tech and innovation motivated Dan and his friends Ric and Mitch to start dabbling into cryptocurrency in 2016. Shortly afterwards, they joined hands for a deep dive into NFT space.

When asked why they decided to pursue the NFT industry, Dan simply stated that Market Research and the growing ubiquity of the tokens are the factors that made them start an NFT.

The research motivated them to jump into the space as consumers and developers.

However, the road to creating the NFTs was not a straight line for the team.

Claiming that the initial phase was a rocky one, Gutter Dan, says, “We were sold out within minutes, and the lack of more NFTs at that time made us draw ire from various members of the NFT space.”

But the developers considered that criticism as their parable, and thus, with the aid of their other members of the Gutter Cat Gang, they started to forge ahead and create more NFTs.

It was then that the team realized the impact a community can have on the NFT World.

“And now, we have the world’s most tightly knit and passionate communities. We let adversity shape our character in the early movements. And now, we stand as the proud developers of our NFTs.” – Gutter Dan further stated.

Crediting his success to the aid he received from his peers and the community. Dan emphasized that NFT space is perpetually morphing. And as it is the community that gives it value, it should be the community that should be the first ones to be benefitted from it.

What makes Gutter Cat Gang unique?

Once the holder owns a Gutter cat, they become part of the Gutter, an underground web 3.0 social club where each cat represents the premiere level membership. It opens the door to several utilities that make the Gutter Cat Gang, a unique community to be a part of:

  1. Merch Collection: To implement NFTS IRL, the developers have introduced merch like T-shirts, hoodies, caps and more. They deliver this merch in creative ways backed by different forms of tokenomics.
  2. Events: Gutter Cat Gang organizes various events on an annual basis. They range from music festivals to art festivals to trade shows and more. Every event aims at bringing together the community and further developing the NFT.
  3. Airdrops: To constantly gratify the Cat Gang members, the NFT works with the best artists in the space, creating artworks and airdropping them. So far, PopWonder, Sad Girls Galaxy, Mark Watts, ALIENQUEEN and other NFTs have been airdropped.

Other unique aspects include DAO, Multimedia, collaborative NFTs and more. These aspects are coming together to give rise to a new version of Meta verses.

Gutter City: The Gutter Cat Gang Metaverse

The possibilities of Metaverse are nigh-limitless. In an interview given to Cybernews, the developers said that in addition to being a place where the members can socialize and play games, Gutter city would tap into those possibilities to create business opportunities.

“NFTs allow the people to own part of the internet. And in the future, Metaverse will shift gaming completely.” – the developers said.

Believing that players will own the characters they play as in the gaming future, the developers have stated that mass adoption is just around the corner – and Gutter City is just trying to stay ahead of the curve.

Gutter Cat Gang: Break Down

Being a collection of 3000 unique and randomly conceived NFT cats, Gutter cats are customized based on the following nine traits:

  1. 6 colors of Backgrounds
  2. 3 types Beards
  3. 5 styles of Earrings
  4. 18 types of eyes
  5. 23 variants of fur
  6. 22 styles of hats
  7. 4 types of mouth
  8. 11 types of accessories, namely necklaces
  9. And 25 styles of shirts

Each of these customizations gives each tattoo-clad NFT a unique look – making it a crowd-favorite among NFT holders.

How to buy Gutter Cat Gang NFT?

Are you interested in surfing this NFT on the rising tide of the Metaverse space? You’re welcome to it. However, you will need to venture into the secondary market.

And just like every other token out there, the price of these NFTs is high. So, if you’re going to invest, invest responsibility. As a community market, the floor prices shift and the whims of the enthusiasts.

But remember, if you want to stay updated about the price of Gutter Cat Gang and other collections, be in touch with NFT Price Floor. Here, you will have the data you need so that you can go beyond speculation and add an informed weight behind your decision to buy the next trendy non-fungible token.

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