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HV-MTL (Heavy Metal)

HV-MTL (Heavy Metal)

by Yuga Labs(Mar 15, 2023)
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HV-MTL (Heavy Metal) is an NFT collectible created by Yuga Labs that was released on 3-15-2023. The project consists of 28,345 unique digital items living on the Ethereum blockchain. We categorize it as a gaming project and it's part of the Yuga Labs general collection.

What is the HV-MTL NFT Collection?

The HV-MTL NFT Collection is Yuga Labs' latest venture, a captivating game experience known as the HV-MTL Forge. Launched in March, this collection derives its name from "Heavy Metal" and offers an exciting opportunity for holders of Yuga Labs' Sewer Pass NFTs. Users can "burn" or effectively destroy their existing NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain in exchange for an HV-MTL, also referred to as an Evo 1 Mech. With a vast array of 30,000 unique mech NFTs, each boasting distinct traits like wings, weapons, and wheels, players gain full access to the newly-launched HV-MTL Forge game.

The HV-MTL Forge is an engaging crafting game that immerses players in an epic struggle against each other, requiring an HV-MTL NFT to fully partake in the experience. Unlike Yuga's previous game Dookey Dash, where players raced against the clock to amass points on a leaderboard, the Forge takes on a more Tamagotchi-esque vibe. Players are tasked with creating and maintaining a forge while ensuring the health and well-being of their HV mechs. A unique feature of the game is that players can participate in a voting system, determining which forges deserve coveted rewards called "amps."

Yuga Labs' creative prowess extends beyond the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) as they introduce the mesmerizing HV-MTLs into the BAYC swamp. This marks the beginning of a thrilling new chapter in the expanding universe. Boasting 30,000 HV-MTLs, these enigmatic NFTs are known as HVs, pronounced Heavy, and have materialized through an enigmatic space-time rift. With an impending cosmic battle dubbed "It Came Through the Rift," unfolded in April, excitement mounts as an associated game launch is highly expected.

The HV-MTLs are peculiar machines from another realm, each adorned with a captivating mix of weaponry and quirkiness, including hotdog cannons. The narrative surrounding their sudden appearance remains mysterious, as they have remained untouched for centuries until their sudden summoning. Gary, an enigmatic character, warns of an imminent cosmic battle, urging each HV to evolve into its final form before it's too late. However, the nature of the HVs, whether friends or foes, still remains uncertain, adding an aura of intrigue to this enthralling universe.

HV-MTL, Another Strike from Yuga Labs

The masterminds behind the captivating the heavy metal NFTs are none other than Yuga Labs, the creative force responsible for the widely acclaimed Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). With the launch of their latest project, the HV-MTL Forge, they have has once again left its mark on the ever-expanding universe of NFTs. This groundbreaking collection offered a unique opportunity for Sewer Pass NFT holders, enabling them to "burn" or effectively eliminate their existing NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain in exchange for the highly coveted HV-MTL, also known as the Evo 1 Mech. With their unparalleled creativity and ingenuity, Yuga Labs invites NFT enthusiasts to immerse themselves in this extraordinary universe, as they embark on a thrilling journey filled with countless adventures.

HV-MTL NFTs Rarity

The HV-MTL NFTs offer a captivating rarity system that sets them apart within the collection. Each token's rarity ranking is predetermined based on the Sewer Pass obtained in Dookey Dash, ensuring that the rarity is not randomized upon summoning. The rarity is intricately tied to the Token ID, which also determines the Mech type of each player's HV. These Mechs are classified into eight distinct types, each with its own unique traits and abilities:

Glitch: 7,749 HVs Dynamic: 6,999 HVs Bio: 5,999 HVs Knight: 4,999 HVs Celestial: 2,999 HVs Reaver: 998 HVs Holo: 248 HVs Legendary: 1 HV

As owners delve into the immersive HV-MTL Forge, they have the opportunity to influence their HVs' evolution, allowing for a highly personalized and interactive experience. With a plethora of trait combinations and eight different HV types, each Mech boasts its own unique skills, personality, and roles, ensuring that no two HVs are alike. Owners can build and customize unique spaces in the workshop to prepare their HVs for upcoming challenges, further shaping the destiny of their prized NFTs. By showcasing their creations, they can ascend the leaderboard and unlock special abilities, enhancing the individuality and prowess of their HVs.

The Revealing System of the HV-MTL NFT

The revelation of the HV-MTL Evo1 NFTs has opened up a new world of possibilities for owners. The HV-MTL Forge serves as a gateway to both perilous dangers and exciting opportunities within the rift. Owners must tread carefully and take calculated risks to explore the unknown, gather essential materials, and craft powerful upgrades that will empower their HVs in their journey towards their ultimate forms. Success in the Forge not only prepares an owner's HV for the upcoming cosmic battle but also secures their position in the ever-evolving BAYC universe. Each owner's choices significantly impact the future of their HV, making every decision a crucial factor in determining the HV's path, whether towards growth or setback.

Amid the anticipation for the next phase, "It Came Through the Rift," scheduled to launch soon, Yuga Labs has hinted at an upcoming game release in nearly future, offering more engaging experiences for owners to interact with their dynamic and evolving NFTs. Despite initial community underwhelm regarding the HV-MTL reveal, the HV-MTL NFTs will play a key role in Yuga Labs' gamified odyssey, particularly in the HV-MTL: Forge activation. As owners embark on this thrilling journey, they must prepare their HVs for the cosmic battle ahead and navigate the unfolding narrative with care to shape the destiny of their digital companions.

What was the HV-MTL price of mint?

The HV-MTL collection was destined for Sewer Pass NFTs holders. To obtain an HV-MTL NFT, users had to burn their Sewer Pass NFTs. Burning an NFT means to permanently destroy it, and in return, the user would receive the new HV-MTL NFT. Therefore, there might not had been a direct mint price in terms of paying a certain amount of currency, but rather a transaction involving the exchange of existing NFTs.

The minting event for HV-MTL took place on March 15, 2023. On this date, holders of Sewer Pass NFTs had the opportunity to participate in the burn-to-earn process and acquire the new HV-MTL NFTs.

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