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Lazy Lions

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What is Lazy Lions?

Conceived during COVID 19, and now transforming into the leading voice in the NFT space, Lazy Lions have had quite a ride since its inception. But do these lion-themed NFTs have what it takes to become the king of the Metaverse jungle? It is something only time will tell. But for now, speculations say that it is a firm contender of the crypto giants, including BAYC and Cryptopunks.

Lazylions NFT Explained

Lazy Lions is a collection of 10,000 NFTs. One-of-a-kind and randomly generated from 160 possible traits, each lion has a unique expression, clothing, mane and more.

Lazy Lions started as a conventional Ethereum-based avatar project. But, it soon took the world by storm with its unique artwork and emphasis on exclusivity, rarity and loyalty. It aims at creating a more personalized experience by powering a web3 ownership experience, where the tokens are taking over the traditional form of content.

Conceived in Australia during the lockdown, this NFT was gobbled up by the enthusiasts within five hours. And with that, it became one of the largest NFT projects in the world.

Ashur, the founder of Lazy Lion, credits the community for the ubiquity of lazy lions. Lockdown was a time of hopelessness, but these tokens bore hope for a community that always wanted to create in the blockchain. That passion eventually led to the creation of these lions, which has, in turn, made them popular outside of social media.

Emphasizing on the concept of NFT-by-Community, the Lazy Lions claim to be the world’s loudest community. And these claims are backed by their enthusiasts actions. They consider the project some sort of new BAYC – Bored Ape Yacht Club – an exclusive collection of NFTs that is gaining steam among celebrities.

And just like all NFTs, lions too are lunging rapidly towards the metaverse – with their recent partnership with The sandbox, VRChat and Property’s.

This humble collection of NFT has now gained immense popularity in the NFT crowd, and one can find the reason behind it by looking at when it first began.

Who is the founder of Lazy Lions NFT?

Ashur, the creator behind the highly detailed lions, came up with them during the time of COVID19 lockdown.

Seeking to create a community in the metaverse as people were maintaining a social distance in the real verse, he started working on Lazy Lions with a team of talented developers.

His concept was to create a standard NFT with atypical traits. In simple words, his goal was to create NFT PFPs that did a lot more than just laze around in the blockchain. And with that purpose, he came up with Lazy lions, a digital collectible of randomly generated lion characters with unique aspects from a collection of 160 different traits.

Not satisfied by the pixelated approach of NFTs, but still taking inspiration from them, Ashur's primary source of inspiration was Cryptopunks. As forefathers of NFTs that are gaining ground today, Cryptopunks was the one that laid the groundwork on which new non-fungible tokens are prospering.

And for the design, Ashur took the approach of Bored Ape Yacht Club – a high profile NFT collection that is earning the attention of the biggest celebrities in western civilization.

Combining these inspirations, Lazy lions came out as high-resolution-crypto-arts that are finding their utility both inside social media and outside it.

And with each day, these tokens are gaining more interest – and being the loudest in the NFT space.

“With that shout, Lazy lions are roaring towards the Metaverse.”

What makes Lazy Lions unique?

Lazy Lions is a community-led NFT project. While it initially had assistance from Ashur and his team of developers to push it forward during the initial stages, as It gained recognition in the NFT space, the task of more NFT creations was left to the community.

Emphasizing that it is a gamble-like approach that speaks of the reality of NFT space, Ashur states, “For us, the project is the community, and the community is the project.”

And this accentuation towards making the community the driving force behind crypto lions has paid off. Even though it is recent, NFT enthusiasts are firmly holding the belief that Lazy Lions will soon take over the likes of Bored Ape Yacht Club and Crypto Punks.

“Even though it is expensive, and it “roars” the tune of exclusivity louder than most NFTs, Lazy Lions have potential” – one NFT trader has stated.

Pushing the focus on community-led development further, the developers have created a discord that will give NFT owners a say in the future of the project. For that purpose, Lazy Lions have introduced a formalized voting system.

Another aspect that makes this NFT unique is its interact-ability with Lazy Bungalow. Entering as a free airdrop for the Lazy Lion owners, Lazy Bungalow is one that they can use as social media banners. Users can link their lions within their bungalows using Bungalow dAPP. To continually renew the interest of the enthusiasts, Lazy Lions is promising airdrops like Halloween tokens and more.

Every member of the lazy lion community shares a passion for the metaverse, and now, these members can be the part of Metaverses that lions have finally set their foot in, including The Sandbox, VRChat and Property’s.

Breakdown of Lazy lions NFT

Lazy Lions is a set of 10,000 unique NFTs, all unique and randomly generated using 160 traits that include:

  1. 36 variations of Manes
  2. 15 variations of Backgrounds
  3. 24 variations of Body Gears
  4. 7 variations of Earrings
  5. 22 variations of Eyes
  6. 19 variations of headgears
  7. 26 variations of Mouths

Other than above, nine NFTs are part of the Signature series – sort of like a legendary loot among these lions – including AshuLion. CatLion, CloudLion, CubLion, GoldLion, LionFish, MirrorLion, SilverLion, and WarriorLion.

Lazy Lions and the Metaverse

Lazy Lions is a rapidly growing NFT project. With its eye on the Metaverse and the pace at which it is proceeding, we speculate that it would reach its goal very soon.

With a focus on community-led development, these lion-ish NFTs aim to maintain a healthy space within the Metaverse. However, they are expensive, and can only get appreciation among those with toes already in the NFT space.

Having already partnered up with the likes of VRChat, The Sandbox and Property's, Lazy Lions NFT will soon transform into a community that just might make the dream of Web 3.0 a reality.

How can you buy Lazy lions?

Do you want to get your hands on one of the Lazy Lions? They already sold out, so you gotta pick one in the secondary market.

Keep in mind that it is a robust NFT investment. Thus, all the risks that come with it are yours and yours alone. That being said, owning one Lion would be akin to being part of a community that will put you on a fast track of growth.

So, if you are truly interested, go ahead and own one lazy lion for your own.

And remember, if you want to stay updated about the price of Lazy Lions and other collections, be in touch with NFT Price Floor. Here, you will have the data you need so that you can go beyond speculation and add an informed weight behind your decision to buy the next trendy non-fungible token.


Lazy Lions is an NFT collectible created by Blockchain Media Pty that was released on 8-6-2021. The project consists of 10,080 unique digital items living on the Ethereum blockchain. We categorize it as a pfp/avatar project.

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