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Live Like A Cat -neko no youni ikiru-

Live Like A Cat -neko no youni ikiru-

by Undefined(Dec 28, 2022)
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Live Like A Cat -neko no youni ikiru- is an NFT collectible created by Undefined that was released on 12-28-2022. The project consists of 22,222 unique digital items living on the Ethereum blockchain. We categorize it as a pfp/avatar project.

What is Live Like A Cat NFT?

Live Like A Cat NFTs, or its Japonese name “Neko No Youni Ikiru”, is a captivating collection of 22,222 digital cat profile picture artworks that invite you to embrace a new way of living. Launched in December 2022, this groundbreaking project is supported by the renowned Japanese online institution known as "The Freelancer's School."

Live Like A Cat NFTs revolve around the enticing theme of "updating our way of life," showcasing a diverse array of friendly and visually stunning cats. These endearing feline creations have managed to capture the hearts of numerous NFT enthusiasts, making this Japanese initiative a sensation within the digital art world.

Each NFT in the collection showcases distinctive traits that capture the essence of a carefree and contented lifestyle. The vibrant visuals employed in the creation of these digital cats are a testament to the meticulous attention to detail and artistic prowess of the project's creators. Through the fusion of art and technology, Live Like A Cat NFTs offer an immersive experience for art collectors and NFT lovers, allowing them to connect with the charm and allure of these captivating virtual feline companions.

Live Like A Cat NFTs represent a revolutionary initiative in the world of digital art and blockchain technology. With the backing of "The Freelancer's School," this project has gained significant traction, captivating the imaginations of collectors worldwide. By embracing these unique cat profile picture NFTs, their holders have the opportunity to explore and embody a new way of life, one that celebrates carefreeness, contentment, and the joyous spirit of these charming digital companions.

Who is behind the Live Like A Cat NFTs?

The Live Like A Cat project is backed by a talented team of individuals who have played instrumental roles in its development and success. Let's explore the key members behind this captivating initiative.

Shuhei, the founder and project manager, is a prominent Japanese influencer boasting a substantial social media following of over 210,000 devoted followers. Additionally, Shuhei is the visionary behind "The Freelancer's School," an online educational platform that empowers aspiring freelancers with essential skills such as social media marketing, blogging, and online product branding. The platform has attracted more than 20,000 students seeking to acquire the necessary tools to thrive as independent professionals. Known for his transparency and accessibility, Shuhei actively engages with his audience through Twitter spaces and his own podcast show, fostering a genuine connection with his supporters.

Umuko, the lead designer of the Live Like A Cat project, is a renowned digital illustrator with a dedicated fan base of over 50,000 Twitter followers. She has gained recognition for her exceptional talent and creativity, most notably through the creation of the beloved character "Umu Neko (Cat)," which has been employed as a prominent promotional figure for AmazonPay. Umuko's artistic contributions lend a unique and captivating aesthetic to the Live Like A Cat NFT collection, further enhancing its appeal.

Completing the team is Ikehaya, a highly respected figure in the Japanese NFT and web marketing landscape. With an impressive social media following of over 450,000, Ikehaya is considered one of the most influential marketers in the Japanese NFT space. He has founded notable communities such as NinjaDAO and Ikehaya CryptoCurrency Lab (ICL), which have provided valuable insights and guidance to enthusiasts. Ikehaya's expertise and strategic advisory role contribute to the overall marketing success of the Live Like A Cat project. His Twitter spaces consistently attract a substantial number of listeners, solidifying his position as a prominent thought leader in the industry.

Together, Shuhei, Umuko, and Ikehaya form a formidable team that brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the Live Like A Cat project. Their combined efforts have shaped the project into a groundbreaking and highly sought-after NFT collection that has captured the attention and admiration of art collectors and NFT lovers.

What are the Live Like A Cat NFTs' features and benefits?

Live Like A Cat NFTs offer a unique opportunity to enhance the lives of their holders through a combination of digital and real-life utilities centered around the theme "Live Like A Cat - Carefree & Contented." Its project's founder, Shuhei, is deeply committed to providing meaningful value to NFT holders. He recognizes the importance of a compelling narrative in creating a collection that stands out and fosters a thriving community.

Inspired by the carefree and contented nature of his own cat, Seto-san, Shuhei embarked on the LLAC project with the vision of infusing the Japanese philosophy of Zen into the collection. This distinctive approach sets LLAC apart from other NFT offerings in the market, creating a truly one-of-a-kind digital art collection. Shuhei's influence and connection with his students played a vital role in bringing this concept to life, as they enthusiastically embraced the project and coined the catchphrase "Update Your Life Through LLAC."

The LLAC team has outlined an exciting roadmap for the project, including the production of original character items available through their e-commerce shop, "Matatabi-ya." The initial release of LLAC stickers was met with overwhelming demand, selling out within a day. Encouraged by this success, the team plans to expand their merchandise offerings to include T-shirts, tumblers, and key chains featuring the unique designs created by the lead designer, Umuco.

In addition to the physical utilities, LLAC aims to provide holders with access to virtual and physical seminars. Shuhei has a proven track record of organizing engaging and informative events, and he intends to integrate these seminars into the LLAC project, offering valuable educational opportunities for the community. The previous physical seminars conducted during the autumn/winter of 2022 garnered significant attention from both Web2 and Web3 communities, attracting over 1,500 attendees.

Through its captivating theme and commitment to enhancing the lives of its holders, Live Like A Cat NFTs offer not only a collection of unique digital artworks but also a range of real-world utilities. Whether through the acquisition of exclusive merchandise or participation in educational seminars, LLAC holders have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a carefree and contented lifestyle, bringing the essence of living like a cat into their own lives.

Will the Live Like a Cats NFTs have a real house?

Following the release of the Live Like A Cat (LLAC) project, founder Shuhei conceived the idea of LLAC House—a physical building to complement the online community. Located in Western Japan, LLAC House will offer various amenities, including co-working spaces, a meeting room, a studio for creating video and podcast content, and a gathering area for the local community. Shuhei's vision behind LLAC House is to provide a tangible space where people can come together, collaborate, and strive to achieve their desired lifestyle.

Once construction is complete, the LLAC team plans to provide LLAC NFT holders with special benefits related to LLAC House. This may involve offering free or discounted access to the co-working space and meeting room, reinforcing the real-life utility aspect of the project. Shuhei emphasizes that LLAC House sets the project apart from other NFTs, as it provides a physical environment for community members to engage, exchange ideas, and potentially realize their ideal lifestyles.

The proposed LLAC House will encompass approximately 1170m² of land, featuring a brand new building designed to foster a vibrant atmosphere for people to gather, be inspired, and update their lives. This physical manifestation of the LLAC project adds another layer of uniqueness and practicality, offering NFT holders an opportunity to not only participate in the online community but also benefit from a physical space that supports their aspirations and creative endeavors. As the project progresses, updates regarding LLAC House and its offerings will be shared, promising an exciting future for LLAC NFT holders seeking to enhance their lives through both digital and real-life experiences.

What was the Live Like a Cat mint price?

The Live Like a Cat NFTs had a mint price of 0.001 ETH. However, it is noteworthy that the Live Like a Cat NFTs gained significant value over time, and one of them was sold for a considerably higher price of 0.98 ETH. This indicates a substantial increase in value compared to the mint price, reflecting the growing demand and perceived worth of these NFTs among collectors.

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