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by Sartoshi(Nov 30, 2021)
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Mfers price floor and sales live data

Mfers is an NFT collectible created by Sartoshi that was released on 11-30-2021. The project consists of 10,021 unique digital items living on the Ethereum blockchain. We categorize it as a pfp/avatar project.

What is Mfers NFT?

There are some NFT projects whose artworks jump out at you. Mfers is one of them. It is an NFT with a relatively simple artwork that took the world by storm when it launched last year. The primary reason behind this NFT’s growth was its all hand-drawn – paving the way for more conceptual artists to try their luck in the NFT space.

Mfers NFT: hand-drawn, meme inspired avatars

Mfers is a collection of 10.000 NFTs, each algorithmically generated from the hand-drawn traits by artist Sartoshi. These traits range from beard, background, 4:20 watch, chain, eyes, hat over headphones, headphones, hat under headphones, and more. This collection also includes 21 1 of 1 NFTs hand-drawn by the artist.

It is a project already in the public domain – allowing holders to use it in any way they wish.

Mfers had a long and quirky history even before they became NFT. Because of the iconic “meme” effect it generated on social media, Mfers quickly gained the attention of the NFT crowd - and soon went on to create high value on price charts.

One of the biggest factors about the Mfers is that it is a CCO project. That is, there are no copyrights reserved for it. Any person or entity can use it in any way that they want.

CryptoPunks originally inspired Mfers’ Sartoshi, the original creator of this project, to start tweeting jokes about it on social media. The overly-simplistic artwork grabbed the attention of NFT enthusiasts quickly.

However, it wasn’t until March of 2022 that this project was able to push beyond 4ETH when it came to its floor price. The price quickly corrected, but now by much. In fact, due to the open nature of this project, 2022.s bear market didn’t have much of an effect on it. It led the tokens to remain stable above 0.5ETH and trade sideways around 0.8ETH.

Many hail Mfers as one of the coolest NFT projects in the market. The simplistic approach to the artworks and the fact that each trait is hand-drawn is well received by NFT experts all over YouTube.

Who are the Founders of Mfer NFT?

Mfers NFT is founded by one artist – Sartoshi.

The backstory of this NFT is as quirky as the creator himself. In March of 2021, Sartoshi started looking for digital arts on Superrare. It was there that he chose his artist name – Sartoshi.

The process started to unfold rapidly, or as Sartoshi puts it, “It all hit hyperspace.” He came across punks and was fascinated that Larva Labs created it without any blueprint. That inspired him to buy his first Cryptopunks. Afterward, he bought a few more.

“I believed that they were an undervalued albeit speculative asset.” – Sartoshi states in Mfer’s backstory. That led to him buying and selling CryptoPunks NFTs all summer, which he had much fun doing.

At the same time, he drew cartoons on the side and started tweeting some of them on Twitter. His followers responded by saying that they were amazing. It inspired Sartoshi to mint them, with the idea to split profits 50/50 (with him bagging 50% of the take and donating the remaining to charity).

Then, it happened, he drew a kid with a cigarette in his mouth and headphones over his head, slouching backward on his chair while looking at the computer. Sartoshi quickly made this artwork as his PFP. The picture gave him the feeling of a “smoking mother f**** that didn’t care about anything around him”. The idea was to launch an NFT collection that could capture that feeling.

The Mfers NFT mint price was 0.06 ETH and the collection sold out really quickly. The collection was a huge success and the artwork soon transcended and became one of the first meme-NFTs in the market.

What is the Mfers meaning?

Mfers NFT is a minimalistic NFT project. It doesn’t have any visions of world domination or charity. It just moved ahead to create a community of creators that can be themselves around each other – nothing more.

Also, the official website of the NFT Mfers collection doesn’t have anything. It doesn’t have a roadmap or anything else that can point us toward the future of this project. All it does have is a simple module to buy the NFTs that specify that the collection has already been sold out.

However, because of the simplistic nature of this vision and the fact that it is no-copyright artwork, Mfers is one of the most inclusive projects in the market. The New York Times once reported that Mfers is a superior store of value to gold, according to an award-winning analyst from Goldman Sachs.

But that does it say about this project’s uniqueness.

What makes Mfers a unique NFT project?

The fact that this project has no roadmap and no vision other than the simple fact that it was created just for fun is one of the reasons this project has been such a hit with the people. The entire Twitter crowd always looks for artworks that try to make their day a little bit better, something that can make them smile. For many, it is a cat meme, but for some, it is NFTs. And Mfers is one of those projects.

Other unique aspects of this project include:

  • Super relatable artwork: Each NFT is essentially a stick figure. It shows a person sitting lazily on a seat in front of a computer. The artwork is reminiscent of one of the doodles many used to do as kids.
  • The community created by this NFT project: The Mfer NFT Community is well-respected. They are folks united to do two things – expressing themselves in any way they want and having fun with it. There is nothing complex about this project that can make many go away.
  • No overarching goal: Mfers can be seen as one of the most honest NFT projects in the market. Most NFTs that start simple has many extravagant plans to create communities, charities, or redefine the industry. Mfers, on the other hand, is honest about what it is. It is a simple, relatable artwork that people can use as their profile pics.
  • There is no copyright of this NFT: Sartoshi understood right from the beginning that this NFT is a bit too simple to have a copyright. That’s why he moved ahead and stated that anyone could use it in any way they wanted. It gives a chance for many derivative NFTs to come to the surface.
  • It became a blue-chip NFT project pretty quickly: The crypto crowd was in for a surprise when the Mfer price skyrocketed and the project became a blue-chip NFT project. And all the blue-chip NFTs do through a partnership sooner or later. It has given people hope that maybe Mfrs NFT will follow the same route.
  • Sartoshi has left the project: In June 2022, Sartoshi pulled a Ryoshi. That is, they deleted their Twitter and said the final goodbyes to their followers. Everything about the farewell was cryptic, from the message to the last NFT that was dropped.

What lies in the future for Mfers?

Mfers is now a community-driven NFT project. Since Sartoshi’s farewell from Twitter, several duplicate accounts have cropped up all across Twitter. Some of them are there to homage to the original creator, while others are scam accounts.

However, the most legitimate account among them has started an official discord as a community for the meme-crafters who use Satoshi’s original work. And there’s already a big community of loyal holders, something that has reflected on Mfers price.

Mfers NFT price data tracker

The first mint ended long ago, and now Mfers NFTs are only available on secondary markets. Interested parties can go there to buy it.

However, even if it is one of the best digital collectibles in the market, you must know the best time to buy it. At NFT Price Floor, you get updated metrics about Mfers floor price and other metrics, so that you can buy your items at the right time for maximum gains.

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