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Neo Tokyo Identities

Neo Tokyo Identities

by Neo Tokyo Code(Oct 4, 2021)
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Neo Tokyo Identities is an NFT collectible created by Neo Tokyo Code that was released on 10-4-2021. The project consists of 150 unique digital items living on the Ethereum blockchain. We categorize it as a utility nft project and it's part of the Neo Tokyo Code general collection.

What is Neo Tokyo Identities?

Neo Toko Identities is an Ethereum based digital collectible set in the Neo Tokyo Metaverse. After taking inspiration from the anime from 1987, YouTuber Alex Becker teamed up with Elliotrades to create a collection of Neo Tokyo-inspired NFTs. They comprise Neo Tokyo Identities, Vault Cards, Land Deeds and Item caches.

This NFT project takes an unconventional approach towards the blockchain phenomenon - requiring the seekers to solve riddles to mint the NFTs.

Not only must one enter the whitelist to be considered eligible – which entails solving puzzles based on the universe – but entering the discord group of this exclusive group is also a tricky task. Calling Neo Tokyo Identities the “Cleanest NFTs in the market”, founder Alex Becker has sought to create a legitimate metaverse where exclusive access has become a key factor.

Making a splash as soon as they entered the NFT marketplace, Neo Tokyo Identities are attempting to reinvigorate interest in the old 80s classics, in addition to giving NFT enthusiasts a chance to become a part of something more exclusive and noteworthy.

That emphasis on exclusivity and quality tokens has gained the attention of several giants in the NFT space. And, now, as the developers are organizing a meta tournament based on the Neo Tokyo Project on twitch – the first of its kind – it is safe to say that this growth is just the beginning.

Who is the founder of Neo Tokyo NFT?

Neo Tokyo Identities is the brainchild of Alex Becker – an entrepreneur and game developer, and Elliotrades Crypto – Elliot Wainman – creator of the NFT platform known as the Superfarm. And like all creator team-ups, this one follows the same rules – one ideates and the other creates.

In addition to Neo Tokyo Identities, Alex Becker is also the founder of other gaming projects including, Source Wave, Hyros and Market Hero. All of them are digital marketing Startups that have helped the founder earn millions in revenue.

Having served in the Air Force before flying directly into the storm of NFTs, Alex is no stranger to a straightforward and disciplined attitude – one that has been the core of Neo Tokyo Identities. Now, when it comes to creation, it is Elliotrades Crypto who takes the center. A crypto artist through and through, with the focus on creating community-based NFTs, his Superfam claims to be a passionate community building harmony between NFT and Defi.

One’s love for puzzles and creation and the other’s accentuation towards creating a community are the seeds that gave rise to NeoTokyo NFT. And the approach to these NFTs is what makes them unique.

How does Neo Tokyo Identities work?

Most anime enthusiasts remember the anime crowd from the 80s. Most of them were full of retro-futuristic concepts. And therefore, the anime movie, Neo Tokyo, was such a hit.

It consisted of three different short films - containing memorable quotes and scenes. They set the benchmark for most cyberpunk-inspired aesthetics and terminologies we see today. Inspired by that universe, Alex Becker created riddles and hidden clues to them all across social media. Those with a penchant for problem-solving and the desire to enter the NFT crowd without paying a dime can get their hands on Neo Tokyo Identities.

After its initial announcement, many people won free NFTs. Most of them ended up getting three additional NFTs – vault, item and land.

People also get Neo Tokyo bytes – the official blockchain currency of Neo Tokyo – to use in the game and to buy individual NFTs. All four types of NFTs are required to become official Neo Tokyo citizens. Once an owner has all four, he can upload them to become an ape citizen.

Breakdown of the Neo Tokyo crypto NFTs: From 80s anime to the Metaverse

Despite having no official ties to the film, the NeoTokyo crypto project took a lot of inspiration from it. Thus, to create the ambience of a true metaverse set in the Neo Tokyo city universe, Alex Becker divided the NFTs into four parts or Neo Tokyo tools:

Neo Tokyo Identities

These NFTs represent the identities of the in-game characters. They can be men or women - having a variety of professions, ranging from bodyguard to assistant to the club owner. Each identity bears a different characteristic and has separate file text colors.

Neo Tokyo Vault Cards

The vault cards are akin to bank accounts. They entail critical financial details within the metaverse, including credit ratings, percentage of the riches inside the game and increased supply items.

Neo Tokyo Item Caches

Staying true to the dystopian foundations of the anime, Neo Tokyo Item cache has articles that range from clothing, automobiles, helms to weapons.

Neo Tokyo Land Deeds

Taking cues from the uber-popular NFT game Decentraland, Neo Tokyo Land deeds are plots of land scattered across the metaverse.

Together, these “pieces” make the metaverse of Neo Tokyo Whole. When combined, they form the complete picture of a game where users can interact with each other residing inside the dystopian virtual city.

Neo Tokyo crypto game

The word “crypto art” reverberates everywhere in the blockchain space. However, Neo Tokyo NFTs, more or less, entail textual information. Truly embracing the retro-futuristic, highly cyberized, and digitized aspects of the anime, Neo Tokyo Identities are not only the cleanest but are the most uncompromising Non Fungible Tokens to date. And there is no easy way to get them.

It seems like the founder Alex Becker is interested in only those who can engage with the NFT in a valuable way to become the citizens of the new Neo Tokyo.

Therefore, he has been quick to create complex puzzles that only those with the patience and the desire to enter the city can solve. Unlike standard NFTs, Neo Tokyo doesn’t stick with customization but gives the users a set identity that they can use to engage with the dystopian city.

To reward the committed and filter out the uncommitted, Neo Tokyo Identities take the following approach:

  • Games inside the Neo Tokyo codes: These complex games can only be solved by true enthusiasts. Those who do, get one step closer to gaining their IDs. And those who don’t are filtered weeded out.
  • Extended benefits over a long time: The holders of Identities will have extended benefits over the long term. These can entail everything from in-game attributes to perks that come from staking the NFTs on the secondary market.
  • Revealing the true nature of the code: Alex has cleverly hidden several aspects of the code, inside the NFTs. They entail hidden rewards that the committed can earn as long as they hold on to their NFTs.

What makes Neo Tokyo coin valuable?

The aspect that makes Neo Tokyo Identities valuable is what it can do for the NFT space. By introducing these tokens as something to be earned rather than minted for a large amount of money, Alex is inviting those with the potential to change the NFT space.

“It is about building a sensible community within the NFT space – one that has a utility that goes beyond the confines of the Metaverse.”

How to buy Neo Tokyo Identities NFT?

If you don’t have any patience for puzzles but still want to own a piece of the Neo Tokyo Metaverse, the secondary market is open for you.

But be warned, they are expensive, with the lowest price of the character being almost 22ETH as of 9th february, 2022. Furthermore, each character is essentially a few lines of code rather than actual images. Therefore, only fourth only if you’re sure.

And remember, if you want to find out about the price of Neo Tokyo Identities and other important metrics, stay tuned to NFT Price Floor.

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