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HYTOPIA Worlds (NFT Worlds)

HYTOPIA Worlds (NFT Worlds)

by HYTOPIA(Oct 6, 2021)
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HYTOPIA Worlds (NFT Worlds) price floor and sales live data

HYTOPIA Worlds (NFT Worlds) is an NFT collectible created by HYTOPIA that was released on 10-6-2021. The project consists of 10,000 unique digital items living on the Ethereum blockchain. We categorize it as a metaverse project and it's part of the HYTOPIA general collection.

What is NFT Worlds (now Topia Worlds)?

Metaverse is the biggest gift of the blockchain space. However, it is still largely hegemonized – in the control of a few. NFT Worlds is a project that seeks to break the barrier by giving the NFT holders power to create their own avatars, play in existing metaverses or create their Metaverse.

NFT Worlds: a 3D terrain based Metaverse

NFT Worlds is a collection of 10,000 NFTs. Each NFT is a different NFTworld, a three-dimensional terrain generated algorithmically from a variety of attributes, including aquatic life density, Foliage Density, Wildlife Density, Property, Annual Rainfall, Gemstones, Land area, and much more.

The idea behind NFTworlds is to give reins of the Metaverse to the user and allow them to create their own words. After owning each world, the players can create experiences, community hangouts, games, concerts, and more, depending on what their imagination allows.

Each world is interconnected, allowing players from one NFT to the next. It is a multi-metaverse ecosystem that is set to make the Metaverse more inclusive, more robust, and more accessible to everyone.

Essentially, NFT worlds is a fully decentralized, completely customizable, community-driven Play-to-earn platform that allows builds to create their own words and foster their communities in the space.

Due to these aspects, these NFT projects that launched in late December last year grew parabolically in March 2022, going from 0.72 ETH to 15 ETH. The price of this NFT project retraced slowly and bottomed at 2.69 ETH due to the bear market. It was about to bounce and maintained a strong position around 4 ETH but soon plunged below 1ETH. It was due to the Minecraft ban on NFTs.

Despite that, NFT worlds have gained 1k customers and have a total volume of 52.1K ETH. The most expensive Worlds at the moment is #6090, which costs 500 ETH at this moment.

NFT Worlds is here to transform Metaverse from disparate worlds to connect them into one large landscape.

Who are the founders of NFT World?

NFT Worlds is founded by developers ArkDev and TempTranquil. While they have kept their real identities under wraps, the word in the community is that they are trusted blockchain developers.

ArkDev is the one responsible for making these NFT worlds. He is the man behind the development of the project and the one who leads the development team. TempTranquil is the marketing brains behind the project, responsible for pulling the community together and ensuring that the community impact on the project is maximized.

But the team behind the NFT worlds doesn't only contain these two founders. Since the project is community driven and community-owned in many aspects, the team behind NFT worlds has many community moderators and verified world builders to create experiences within the NFT worlds.

The builders are also responsible for creating NFT worlds on users' behest who do not possess the skills (yet) to create their own.

NFT Worlds Minecraft NFT based universe

NFT worlds, first and foremost, is a gaming platform – one that has grown extremely competitive with the new systems. Therefore, the developers needed an open-source gaming ecosystem to start creating the worlds.

And that moved them towards Minecraft. The best open-source gaming ecosystem ever created, with an active player base of 141 million players.

"We didn't want to reinvent the wheel." – the developers state, as they didn't want to create something from scratch that would likely be unproven. Furthermore, they also wanted to focus on innovating NFT integration which would have taken more time if they had started building everything from the beginning.

Time is something that the dev team said they never had. What they had was nearly a decade of experience working on Minecraft’s open-source gaming ecosystem. So they used them to create a decentralized gaming metaverse for the NFT worlds project.

Implementing an ecosystem that players were already familiar with opened the NFT Words to a large player base. The cross-platform support the project provides was a plus. And the thriving ecosystem that devs have access to would also help the players create their own systems within it.

Those ideas pushed ArkDev forward, and thus, NFT worlds was born. However, according to their recent whitepaper, the devs say that they have moved on from Minecraft and are in the process of developing their own game and Metaverse.

What Makes NFT Worlds Token Unique?

NFT Worlds builds upon everything the current metaverses lack and provides players more options to interact with the ecosystem.

  • Cross Platform Support: Right off the bat, NFT Worlds NFT has cross-platform support. That is the metaverses environments and loadable and playable on all the modern consoles and PCs.

  • Playable on the Smartphones: NFT Worlds is one of the few NFTs that is available to access via smartphones – which is not the case with Decentraland and Tamadoge.

  • Real-Time Land Editing and World Building: NFT Worlds NFT holders can edit their lands in real-time. And the positive part is that it is not a complicated thing to do. The platforms offer them a template to get started.

  • Access to Decentralized Land Services: NFT holders have access to decentralized land services, which provides them with an added layer of security.

  • Blockchain and Web API Compatibility: To allow NFT holders create modules within their lands with in-game interactions, NFT worlds provide Blockchain and API compatibility.

  • Direct Interaction with Smart Contracts is Possible: Players can directly interact with the smart contracts from within the games themselves. NFT holders don't need to exit their words and deal with complicated coding.

  • Open Support to the World Owner: Being a community-driven ecosystem, NFT Worlds provides open support to the world owners who have created the play-to-earn ecosystem.

  • The worlds are fully programmable: NFT holders can control each and every aspect of the world they create, from the player's avatar interactions to how the world moves.

  • The Land Supply is Scarce: There are only 10,000 NFTs available, which promotes scarcity and give the potential for the NFT to be more valuable in the future.

Impact of NFT Worlds coin

NFT Worlds is providing control to the NFT holders like never before. For one, the price of the NFTs is inclusive, and secondly, the worlds have a modular nature. That allows multiple players to merge their own words in an effort to create a better experience for the entire community.

There are multiple NFT worlds on the platform, and many of them are even accessible offline, which is great for those preferring single-player experiences.

Another one of the biggest impacts of NFT worlds is the presence of gasless transactions. Gas fees have always been a roadblock when it comes to increasing the adoption of NFT games, and with gasless transactions, NFT Words is moving toward a more inclusive direction.

NFT Worlds rarity traits breakdown

On NFT world rarity is determined by a series of attributes, including:

  • Aquatic Life Density: It has five values from low to very high
  • Foliage Density: It has five values from low to very high
  • Wildlife Density: It has five values from low to very high
  • Property: There are 183 different property traits

Other traits include:

  • Annual rainfall
  • Coal
  • Common Metals
  • Dirt
  • Elevation variation
  • Land bias
  • Fresh Water
  • Gemstones
  • Land Area
  • Land Bias
  • Lowest Point from Sea level
  • Lumber
  • Oil

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From NFT Worlds to Topia Worlds

In a dynamic move aimed at enhancing its brand image and broadening its appeal, NFT Worlds has announced a major rebranding initiative. The popular NFT-based universe is now known as Topia Worlds. This change not only reflects the evolution of the project but also its vision for the future. Topia Worlds will continue to build upon the strengths of NFT Worlds, fostering an immersive and engaging environment for users. As Topia Worlds, the platform looks forward to welcoming more enthusiasts into its vibrant digital ecosystem, offering a wide range of unique experiences in the fascinating world of NFTs.

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