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by Metagood(Sep 11, 2021)
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OnChainMonkey is an NFT collectible created by Metagood that was released on 9-11-2021. The project consists of 10,000 unique digital items living on the Ethereum blockchain. We categorize it as a pfp/avatar project and it's part of the Metagood general collection.

What are the OnChain Monkey NFTs?

OnChain Monkey NFTs represent and innovative collection of 10,000 unique digital monkeys, each stored as an NFT on both the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains. This project holds the distinction of being the first to generate all images and metadata entirely on-chain within a single transaction, making it a groundbreaking endeavor in the NFT space.

The collection, known as OnChainMonkey Genesis, achieved several world firsts, including being the first PFP collection where all 10,000 images and metadata were generated using on-chain code on Ethereum in September 2021. In a further testament to its pioneering spirit, Genesis became the first 10,000 collection inscribed on Bitcoin in February 2023.

Beyond being a remarkable NFT collection, OnChain Monkey is a thriving community comprising athletes, artists, philanthropists, innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors united by their vision to create a better world. Holding an OnChain Monkey NFT grants access to future drops, exclusive rewards, and exclusive events, fostering a strong and engaged community of members. With continuous innovation in blockchain technology, OnChainMonkey has demonstrated novel ways to enhance scalability and security, delivering consistent value to its members since its inception in 2021.

The Genesis collection features 10,000 colorful Ethereum NFT PFPs depicting various monkeys, each characterized by a unique combination of seven traits: fur, mouth, eyes, clothes, hat, earring, and background. Launched through a free mint on September 11, 2021, the project witnessed an astounding claim within just four hours, attesting to its swift popularity and appeal.

As an on-chain PFP collection, all metadata for each NFT is directly stored on the Ethereum blockchain, eliminating the need for third-party data storage and reducing potential risks associated with it. Furthermore, being on-chain has proven cost-effective, utilizing a mere 0.798 ETH to deploy everything, compared to the significant expense associated with storing a typical PFP collection on-chain. The OnChain Monkey project exemplifies technical innovation and serves as a passport to the Wealthy Digital Nation, empowering its holders with unique opportunities in the world of NFTs.

Who is behind the OnChain Monkey NFT collection?

The OnChain Monkey NFT collection is brought to life by a dedicated team of builders who are driven to create value and wealth for their community. They are the masterminds behind the creation of the Wealthy Digital Nation, an inspiring vision that encourages members to utilize their wealth for the betterment of the world. This passionate group of innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors boasts a vast network, encompassing expertise in tech, art, crypto, legal, and finance. Their core values, abbreviated as !RISE, represent their commitment to respect, integrity, sustainability, and enrichment, striving to provide immense value back to their community and holders.

The founders of OnChainMonkey include Chairman Bill Tai, a visionary investor renowned for his early investments in Zoom, Canva, and Dapper Labs. Alongside him stands CEO Danny Yang, the brilliant mind behind Taiwan's largest cryptocurrency exchange, Maicoin, and COO Amanda Terry, a former executive with notable companies like Twitter and NBC.

Together, they form a formidable team dedicated to realizing the potential of OnChain Monkey and its impact on the world of NFTs. The collection's creation was entrusted to Metagood, the startup co-founded by Bill Tai, Danny Yang, and Amanda Terry. Metagood's mission aligns with using Web3 initiatives to fund programs that bring about positive change for communities, from coral restoration to aid for Ukraine amid the Russian invasion.

As they continue to shape the future of NFTs, Metagood aims to build bridges between the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains, empowering NFT holders with seamless transitions between the two versions. Their innovative approach and commitment to meaningful initiatives have garnered significant attention, with a successful fundraising of $5 million in last December as a testament to their vision and impact.

What are the Monkey On Chain NFTs Collections?

The OnChainMonkey NFT collections boast a rich historical significance, with the Genesis collection leading the way as the first-ever 10K on-chain PFP collection on Ethereum, later achieving the groundbreaking feat of becoming the first 10K collection on Bitcoin, inscribed in Ordinal #20219 to commemorate its creation date. This achievement stands as a rare and impressive technical milestone in the NFT space.

Additionally, the OCM Karma collection emerged, bringing forth the remarkable artistic talent of Academy Award-nominated artists responsible for beloved Disney films like Ice Age, Rio, and Ferdinand. Karma NFTs showcase a remarkable fusion of innovation and creativity, utilizing the DNA of the iconic OnChainMonkey Genesis collection and setting the stage for future collections that continue to draw from its unique genetic code.

The Monkey On Chain NFTs expanded their universe further with the introduction of the Karma and Dessert collections in 2022. These collections continue to showcase the commitment to being 100 percent on-chain, aligning with the core principles of OnChainMonkey. The Dessert collection, comprising 10,000 tokens with varying rarity levels, allows Genesis NFT holders to "eat" their original OnChainMonkey and produce a Karma NFT, revealing the interconnectedness and ingenuity within the ecosystem. Again, behind the OnChain Mnkeys there is a team from whom stop innovating is not an option.

What are the benefits of having an OnChain Monkey NFT? Owning an OnChain Monkey NFT, particularly the Genesis collection, comes with a plethora of benefits that extend beyond just the digital realm. Firstly, becoming a Genesis holder grants access to the OnChainMonkey DAO, which possesses around 2,000 ETH, funded through OCM token sales. With each Genesis NFT, users gain one voting right in the DAO, enabling them to actively participate in deciding how the funds are utilized to create value for the community and the world. This presents a unique opportunity to submit proposals for potential funding, as the OCM members collectively vote to support community projects and innovative ideas.

Moreover, purchasing a Genesis NFT means becoming part of an extraordinary community of brilliant minds, including innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, philanthropists, and investors. This network serves as a platform for collaboration and social connectivity, fostering an economy of like-minded individuals striving to build wealth in various dimensions, such as physical health and social impact. By being a part of the Wealthy Digital Nation, Genesis holders have the chance to leverage their wealth and contributions to make a tangible difference in the world.

In addition to the intangible benefits, OCM Genesis holders can access exclusive OCM merch using their earned bananas. Metagood, the mastermind behind OnChainMonkey, is deeply committed to leveraging NFTs to mobilize and incentivize communities for positive change.

The DAO formed by OCM holders plays a pivotal role in this mission, allowing voting on fund allocations for charitable projects and impactful initiatives. As a result, OCM has facilitated remarkable global projects, raising funds for charitable causes like Save the Children’s Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund, typhoon-impacted homes in the Philippines, and coral reef restoration through the United Nation’s Life Below Water initiative. Beyond the Onchain Monkey rarity, owning one of these NFTs, collectors, embrace a vision where Web3 technologies create wealth while also making a meaningful impact in the real world.

What was the On Chain Monkey price of mint?

The On Chain Monkey collection was initially released on September 11, 2021, featuring a total of 10,000 unique tokens. Out of this collection, 500 tokens were withheld as a Metagood reserve. Notably, the Onchain Monkey NFT price per token at the time of minting was absolutely free, making it accessible to the community without any initial cost.

Regarding royalty fees, the On Chain Monkey NFTs carried a 5% royalty fee. This fee is an essential aspect of the collection, as it ensures that creators and contributors receive a percentage of each subsequent sale whenever a token is traded in the secondary market.

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