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by Proof XYZ(Dec 9, 2021)
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PROOF Collective price floor and sales live data

PROOF Collective is an NFT collectible created by Proof XYZ that was released on 12-9-2021. The project consists of 1,000 unique digital items living on the Ethereum blockchain. We categorize it as a utility nft project and it's part of the Proof XYZ general collection.

What is the Proof Collective NFT?

The Proof of Collective NFT project is a private members-only community of 1,000 experts NFT artists and collectors. The community is made up of popular NFT enthusiasts like Gary Vee and Beeple, who are well-known for their successful NFT projects like VeeFriends and the record-breaking $69 million sale of Beeple's NFT. The Proof Collective NFT provides direct access, or a pass in the project's words, to a Discord server which gives members information about community events, upcoming drops, and details about each project the organization launches.

The Proof Collective NFT project was born out of the Proof Podcast, with the promise of 3-plus years of membership to a private Discord server. The NFTs were launched in mid-December of 2021 through a Dutch auction, with a starting price of 5 ETH that decreased by 0.25 ETH every 10 minutes, resulting in most of the passes being sold at 1 ETH as the floor price. Currently, the investment required to join the community is much higher than the mint price.

Proof Collective is in charge of a podcast that interviews the biggest names in the NFT world, provides NFT information via social media, and reportedly owns a massive NFT collection, including 148 CryptoPunks and 817 Bored Apes, among other projects. The organization's members are made up of early NFT adopters who own all the projects that are popular on social media and are always looking for the next big thing.

The Proof Collective's NFTs offer more than a social club for NFT enthusiasts. As a new media company, the organization produces and releases its own NFT masterpieces, with Grails and Moonbirds being two of its most successful projects to date. Grails is a unique collection of 20 pieces of art, with the artist's name revealed after the mint, while Moonbirds are 10,000 NFTs issued under the ERC-721 standard on the Ethereum blockchain. The mint price for each Moonbird was nothing less than 2.5 ETH, resulting in the Proof Collective making over $70M on the first day. We can deny that the Proof Collective NFT project is among the most valuable and successful ones in the NFT market, with a floor price that has reached up to 88 ETH and sales of over $52M since the organization's creation.

Who is behind the Proof Pass NFT collection?

The Proof Pass NFT project is a creation of the Proof Collective, founded by Kevin Rose, Ryan Carson, and Justin Mezell. The PROOF Collective NFT project started with the PROOF Podcast and has offered membership to a private Discord channel for over three years. Kevin Rose, one of the founders, stated that the aim was to create a group of collectors who he could leverage to test and experiment with his NFT ideas.

Ryan Carson, the COO of PROOF Collective, resigned from his position after Twitter users criticized his newly formed venture for being a conflict of interest. He announced his resignation on Twitter and expressed his intention to focus more on investing in NFTs. However, he will remain a shareholder in PROOF Collective. Kevin Rose responded to the criticism and announced that he won´t step aside.

Despite the criticism, the PROOF Collective project has been successful. The Moonbirds, the PROOF Collective profile picture project, has reached a floor of 33.5 ETH and has seen more than 113,000 ETH in volume since launching in April 2022. It has also surpassed the lifetime volume of other successful NFT projects like Doodles, Meebits, and Cool Cats. Despite the controversy surrounding Ryan Carson's departure, Kevin Rose praised his contribution to the project and expressed gratitude for his ongoing support.

What has the Proof Pass NFT project to offer?

PROOF Pass NFTs offer various programs, among which is the popular PROOF Academy, that feature expert advice on major blockchain topics, such as Layer 1 vs Layer 2 solutions, useful tax strategies for NFT collectors, and the usage of DeFi to fund the collecting strategy. The collective also plans to host four private meetups every year and the World's Best NFT conference in 2023, dubbed as PROOF of Conference. Members of the NFT will get free tickets and special access. PROOF's first official project, Grails, featured 20 artists, including four of the top 10-selling artists of all time, such as Tyler Hobbs and Larva Labs. PROOF also acquired Divergence, a web3 engineering team led by Arran Schlosberg and Angharad "Harri" Thomas.

Moreover, PROOF hosted a raffle to determine access to its live Beeple event at NFT NYC, where waitlisted individuals were upgraded to guaranteed entry. The event was limited to 400 participants, and ten attendees received a free Beeple NFT. PROOF Curated also launched its "Evolving Pixels" NFT exhibition, featuring ten generative and AI artists, on April 12, 2023. The exhibition showcased the artistic possibilities of blockchain technology and computational art, offering a stage for generative and AI artists to exhibit their creations while allowing PROOF NFT holders to discover and collect from the 858 NFTs.

Lastly, Moonbirds, an exclusive NFT ecosystem, announced its Diamond Exhibition NFT drop featuring 10,000 artworks by 22 artists, including Beeple, Greylesian, and Dirty Robot, on April 27, 2023. Moonbirds holders have the opportunity to collect works from some of the most notable artists in the space, thanks to PROOF's connections. This initiative is a first step in PROOF's commitment to art, demonstrating the artistic possibilities of blockchain technology and computational art.

What was the Proof Collective mint price?

In December 2021, the Proof Collective conducted a sale of their NFTs using the Dutch auction method. The auction began with a starting price of 5 ETH and decreased by 0.25 ETH every 10 minutes until the price reached 1 ETH, which was considered the floor price. The NFTs offered by Proof Collective were highly expected, and their mint event lived up to expectations.

At what price was the most expensive Proof Collective NFT sold? In contrast to their mint price, the Proof Collective NFTs have achieved some impressive sales numbers. One of the most notable sales was made on April 2nd, 2023 when the most expensive Proof Collective NFT was sold for an impressive $25.7k. This sale is a testament to the popularity and value of the Proof Collective collection, which has been able to capture the attention of the NFT ecosystem.

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