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by Undefined(Aug 3, 2021)
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Robotos Official is an NFT collectible created by Undefined that was released on 8-3-2021. The project consists of 10,000 unique digital items living on the Ethereum blockchain. We categorize it as a pfp/avatar project.

What is Robotos NFT?

Robotos NFT is an algorithmically generated collection of droid characters that one can use for viewing or as avatars of several platforms.

Featuring thousands of customized ROBOTs on the platform, hastaken the world by storm. The customers can procure their own"robots" that the platform generates using various assets.These include tin faces, outfits, digital accessories, faces, backpacks,arms, top pieces and chassis colors. Coming from the creative mind ofartist Pablo Stanley, Robotos is now being minted as NFTs orNon-Fungible Tokens.

Starting from a "creative commons" version of an icon set towhat is turning out to be a full-blown television series, Robotos'journey has been of purpose, customization and realization of theentertainment value that NFTs hold.

Within a span of a week, Robotos official NFTs were sold 1189 times, andthe total sales volume adds up to be $5.87 million. Averaging at $4.9k,Robotos NFT now has 5,524 official owners with a supply of 9,999 tokens.

Acting as an alternative to Robopets, Deadfellaz, Doodled and ToyBoogers, Robotos NFT is one that has grabbed the most attention inrecent times.

Pablo Stanley, the artist behind these droids, states that"personal approach" and "varied customization"aspects are why blockchain enthusiasts gravitate towards the RobotosNFT.

The primary goal of the Robotos NFT is to give as many variants andcustomization options to the algorithmic generated Avatars as possible.It offers 170+ unique traits and provides varying rarities acrossdifferent categories.

Who is the founder of Robotos?

While Pablo Stanley is the actual brain behind Robotos, the expert teamsof developers and other artists also aid in pushing the platformforward.

The Robotos team is a coalition of dynamic experts.

It entails Zackboto handling the development side, Waldo engaging andmanaging the community, Lulabuto assisting with marketing and publicrelations, Pabloto - Pablo Stanley - as the artist, and Niklas Petersonas an officer that engages with every aspect of the Robotos deals.

The starting of ROBOTO is an interesting one. Pablo's first forayinto the NFT started as a creative commons version of an icon set.During those days, Non-Fungible Tokens were just taking off. Grabbingthis opportunity, a third party took a collection of those icon sets andsold them as NFTs. However, there was no issue of legality with thatsale.

"I wanted anyone to do whatever they wanted with those sets" -stated Stanley. That incident gave him the realization to introduce andproduce something new into the fold so that his "doodles" - asPablo put it - get more recognition in time.

Through trials and errors and multiple iterations of the art to standout from the traditional cartoon-ish articles that have crowded the NFTspace, Robotos came into existence. But translating hand-drawn art tovisual art didn't come out of nowhere. We dove deep, and that iswhere Pablo's background comes to light.

He has previously contributed to the design with open-sourceillustrations such as Avataars, Buttts, Bottts, Humaans, Open Doodlesand Open Peeps.

Sporting an impressive portfolio, the Robotos founder was previously alead at InVision, a staff designer at Lyft. And now, along witheducating people in ways of designs through his YouTube Tutorials, healso runs two startups: Blush and Carbon Health.

What makes Robotos unique?

Roboto's uniqueness comes from the fact that the platformunderstands the niche and ubiquitous nature of the Non-Fungible Tokens.

Thus, it provides a unique way to approach NFTs that has garneredattention from everyone. Customization, rarity, intuitiveness, andparticipation are the core beliefs pushing Robotos. So far, all of themhave paid off.

How many Robotos are there in circulation?

The platform holds 9,999 total Robots. The platform categorizes theminto rarities ranging from Common to Super Rare.

Common are Robotos. Less Common are Helmetos. Rare are Cyborgos. And, Super Rare are Computos.

In terms of variations, the following custom-made assets are offered foreach NFT:

  1. 32 eyes
  2. 38 head tops
  3. 18 Helmets
  4. 16 Mouths
  5. 18 Years
  6. 12 Arms
  7. 10 Chassis Colors
  8. 9 Backpacks
  9. 6 Computo Heads
  10. 6 Chest Screens
  11. 5 Bodies
  12. 4 Head types
  13. 4 Human faces

Overall, there are 170+ variations to choose from that will engage anyblockchain enthusiast to the nth degree.

Robotos NFT: The future

The primary principle of this project is not just to sell NFTs but toengage buyers into becoming part of a community. Robotos will soonbecome truly customizable at the hands of the user as Roboto Workshoplimited is in the works. The Roboto Workshop is a platform where theRoboto holders can dabble into its more artistic aspects and use theirNFTs for various purposes including, upgrades and new creations.

But the ambition of this project is going beyond that. Robotos will soonjoin the Metaverse, and the NFTs customers have purchased will soonbecome part of that virtual universe.

Robotos and the Metaverse

With each passing day, the NFTs are stepping towards more practicalapplications rather than just vanity. Thus, Metaverse is the mostlogical step for most of them and Robotos is no exception.

In an interview held with The Nifty Alpha, PabloStanley reiterated the plans to enter into the online gaming space toshowcase the true value that these digital arts can bring.

Thus, the Robotos team worked hard to create a 2D metaverse with anotheralliance of professionals. Known as Bueno, it is a team working towardsbuilding an intuitive tool for NFT artists to come up with theirdesigns.

Per the latest interview, the team is working on portals and questmarkers.

You can stay updated with your stories to know the progress of thisMetaverse.

What makes Robotos NFTs Valuable?

The unique aspects of the Robotos NFT comes through right from theirdesigns. Having a play on children's art with thick lines andcustomizable parts is something to behold. However, those aren'tthe only aspects of Robotos that make them special.

From a crypto art standpoint, it is one that is truly unique. Thetwo-dimensional aspect and the color combination of Robotos give it alevel of versatility unseen in many others in this field. In simpleterms, Pablo Stanley has taken Robotos to levels of customizations thatnot many tend to do. Each Roboto, however randomly-generated, showcasesStanley's inner eccentricity at a deep level.

And it is all because of the underlying traits that the NFT possesses.All the more than 170 different aspects, which are a combination of tinfaces, metal faces, hands, backpacks, arms, chassis colors - everythingworks together and gives each generated droid a high degree oforiginality. These combinations have given rise to not hundreds, butthousands of original droids (9,999 till date, if you're keepingcount) - each with their own unique aspects and designs for which mostin the NFT space are excited.

And the enthusiasm has increased to whole another level owing to theroadmap that Pablo has created to ensure that Robotos take the centerstage in becoming a valuable metaverse in future.

If those were the only aspect of Robots that were worth paying attentionto, it would've been enough. But that's not the case. Goingfurther, Robotos Workshop is another project down the road that ispriming up to change the game and introduce new interactable NFTs. Itwill give room to many creators and Robot owners to come together andbring new creations to life. It is those unique factors that haveencouraged those in the entertainment industry to take Robotosseriously. They have thus primed it up to be a future NFT-based TVseries.

Robotos TV Series

Having recently launched a kids and family division, Time studios is nowputting programming based on NFT-native intellectual property in thedevelopment pipeline. It will expand the horizons of NFT creators -helping them bring their creations to televisions and films. The Robotosproject is their first pick of the NFT TV series project.

How to buy Robotos NFT?

In case you've missed your chance to grab your very own droid,don't worry. You still have a chance to take one for yourself. Thesecondary market is always open to help you.

However, keep in mind that NFTs are not inexpensive in general. Sodon't be apprehensive about shelling extra ether if you want to getyour hands on a customized Robotos on your own.

As of right now, the most optimal way to purchase the NFT is throughOpensea. That being said, there are many more wallets coming out of thewoodwork with marketlike features that are more intuitive, and to befrank, more reliable to use. But that's up to you.

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