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by Undefined(Jul 16, 2021)
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SupDucks is an NFT collectible created by Undefined that was released on 7-16-2021. The project consists of 10,001 unique digital items living on the Ethereum blockchain. We categorize it as a pfp/avatar project.

What is SupDucks?

Taking cues from the likes of Bored Ape Yacht Club, SupDucks exploded in the NFT scene back in July 2021. With a unique and nuanced focus on creating hand-drawn art and exporting it to the blockchain, Supducks is continually gaining ground among the profile picture NFT projects.

SupDucks Explained

Supducks NFT is a collection of 10,000 hand drawn ducks, each unique and programmatically generated from a collection of 154 traits.

With their hand-drawn design and big emphasis on the 'art', these ducks have carved their unique niche in the NFT space.

A Brainchild of @franknines – Franky Aguilar -- this digital collectible of 90’s theme punk cartoons received much attention from NFT enthusiasts. And, the first NFT art collection sold within 48 hours.

So, what makes SupDucks different from the rest of the great digital collectibles crowding the blockchain?

For one, it takes inspiration from doodles. Thus, it focuses on providing an artistic approach towards the non-fungible tokens that people can be proud of owning.

Since its debut, the ducks have had their ups and downs. However, that hasn’t deterred the community from pulling together to come up with more creations based on branding.

“They are doing it right. Many NFTs just remain a vanity in the blockchain – not realizing the money to minted through branding. However, Supducks has the right idea. They are completely focused on branding – even owning a good performing YouTube Channel” – Cade Bergman, an NFT enthusiast and a YouTuber.

Every member behind SupDucks is deep into branding. Understanding the value that NFT-based merch can bring, @FrankNines entire Instagram is dedicated to merch.

But what about roadmaps, the metaverse and the likes?

“Roadmaps are overrated.” – Cade said, noting that the ducks are more satisfied with moment-to-moment achievement rather than creating hype around things they are yet to do.

“We’re big believers of surprises, and cooking some fun stuff up” – SupDuck developers have stated in their Discord.

It is a way to include only those serious about the NFT space, and from what we can see of the growth of SupDucks, it is working. It is going completely against the grain of most traditional NFTs, and one can find the reasons behind it after understanding how these ducks came into being.

Who is the founder of SupDucks NFT?

Fans immediately realized that the SupDucks drop of July 2021 were not the first, but reboots.

First Ducks came in 2019 on the IOS app called the Editional. The doodle-y aspects of these NFTs created hype around them.

And that hype inspired @franknines to drop SupDucks in July 2021.

In addition to SupDucks, NFT entrepreneur Frank Aguilar is also the co-founder of Nameless, an NFT minting platform that allows enterprises and brands to launch and manage their NFT projects.

But before being an entrepreneur, @Frankfines was an artist. And thus, he and his team of other NFT “specialists”, namely @strongwong, @notanumber @xiggalo, @100xluis came together to create a gallery of O' ducks.

Focusing on handcrafted art, and painstakingly digitizing and storing it into the blockchain, @franknines has a background in gaming and Mobile development.

An NFT-based entrepreneur who continues to create and share the art with the Metaverse, Aguilar has been featured in Forbes, adobe, Juxtapoz Mag, and PBS.

Armed with his entrepreneurial knowledge, Aguilar dropped NFTs with hopes to create a community of artists that focuses on surprises instead of a roadmap. Many within the NFT-verse called it a gamble, but it paid up.

Each NFT during its initial drop priced 0.1 to 0.7 ETH per NFT. Now, after some ups and downs, it has maintained a respectable position on the NFT charts.

Directing the NFTs towards branding and towards moment-to-moment surprises, Franky leveraged the then ongoing explosion of profile picture/avatar projects after the boost of Bored Ape Yacht club to create SupDucks and push it into the wild.

Thus, the success it attained has set the benchmark for future NFTs.

And it is not the end either. Being fans of lore creation, the developers work with the NFT community to create great stories.

And they have revealed all of it through their YouTube Channel.

Frank and his team didn’t just create the NFTs and leave them in the space. Laser-focused on creating a robust brand image, they run a dedicated YouTube channel that has over 46000 subscribers at this point – a large number for an NFT based YouTube.

However, despite all the glitz, glamor and dopeness of SupDucks, @franknine understands the crowd on the prowl for new NFTs.

He refers to a group of enthusiasts that do not care about the costs but only about owning tokens with high rarity.

It is where Kingfrogs NFT comes in.

Companion project: KingFrogs NFT

Kingfrogs is a companion project – an exclusive project within SupDucks. If you’re an OG SupDuck holder, claim KingFrog NFT, and all it would take is paying gas.

Kingfrogs airdropped to the SupDucks owners present the same traits as their original ducks.

Ok, but getting back to SupDucks, what makes them truly unique?

The aspects that Make SupDucks such a unique collection are:

  • Ecosystems: They have established a unique system within their NFT-verse where they communicate.
  • Creative lore: Being big on storytelling, SupDucks NFT moves forward with legends within the ecosystem.
  • Community-enabled: Always focusing on the community aspects of the tokens, the developers do not shy away from giving the creative reins to the NFT holders from time to time.
  • Hand-drawn: Each NFT is a digital form of Hand-drawn-doodles that sets it apart from the rest.
  • Branding: Being focused on branding, the makers of SupDucks are more interested in creating moment-to-moment surprises and adding more utilities to the projects.
  • And finally, with their YouTube channel, they are always in touch with their community.

All these factors come together to form a picture of an NFT whose background consists of passionate NFT artists who are here to enjoy the moment and create new art within this new genre.

Future of SupDucks

Following the footsteps of Cyberkongz, Supducks NFT is finally priming to enter The Sandbox with SupDucksVX. 3-D NFTs introduced on December 17th, 2021, are all set to venture into the metaverse.

With this, SupDucks have proven that roadmaps are indeed overrated.

SupDucks: Breakdown of the traits

There are 10,000 different variations of SupDucks in circulation, and their uniqueness comes from the following traits:

  • 26 Backgrounds
  • 49 Clothes
  • 37 Eyes
  • 48 Hats
  • 37 Mouths
  • 28 Skins

There also exist ten super ducks that are exclusively for the superfans of the project. Rare and cost-intensive, the Super Ducks are for the cream of the crop in the NFT space.

Where can you buy a SupDucks NFT?

If you wish to be a part of the proverbial "cool" club and purchase a SupDuck NFT, you can take the standard route via the secondary market.

Currently, the boom of NFT is at a high; make prudent purchases when getting your hands on one.

As it is most often the community that decides the price of an NFT, make sure that you are ready to shell an extra for a SupDuck, because they are highly coveted.

And remember, if you want to stay updated about the price of SupDucks and other collections, be in touch with NFT Price Floor. Here, you will have the data you need so that you can go beyond speculation and add an informed weight behind your decision to buy the next trendy non-fungible token.

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