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by Undefined(Jul 12, 2021)
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The Doge Pound price floor and sales live data

The Doge Pound is an NFT collectible created by Undefined that was released on 7-12-2021. The project consists of 10,000 unique digital items living on the Ethereum blockchain. We categorize it as a pfp/avatar project.

What is The Doge Pound?

The Doge Pound NFT is a collection of 10.000 unique Doge NFTs floating around in the blockchain. The uniqueness of each NFT comes from the concoction of over 190 traits.

As one of the “OG” NFTs, The Doge Pound has accumulated a good reputation in the NFT space.

This NFT project comes from the entrepreneurial mind of John Lemon who, after being inspired by DogeCoin, created The Doge Pound as a way to engage with a community in a meaningful way.

With time, the project’s exclusivity gave it an immense push – raising its floor prices dramatically high. However, those are not the only aspects John focuses on, as social media growth and catering to the unique holders of the project hold value in his eyes.

And another aspect that has made these cute little doggies the apple of people’s eyes is how the profits are being used. Not only are most of the profits go into the creation of better tools for the community, but currently, The Doge Pound is hard-at-work to build the largest rescue shelter in South Africa.

Backed by a robust Roadmap white paper, The Doge Pound is growing steadily. Currently, they are planning to create a 3-d collection of doges featuring music videos containing original scores from some of the biggest celebrities in the industry.

Who is the founder of The Doge Pound NFT?

Kyle Van Dyne Hoven, known in circles as John Lemon, is the mind behind the uber-popular NFTs known as The Doge Pound. Even though he had no background in artistry, he used his entrepreneurial mindset and knack for marketing and community development to create these now popular non-fungible tokens.

Before creating his doge themed collection, Lemon thought NFTs were still untested waters. Therefore, being an immense fan of basketball, he started dabbling into the B-ball NFTs.

However, having nothing more than an entrepreneurial mindset to back his ideas up, he looked towards getting aid from the best creators in the NFT space.

And that search led him to famous NFT artist – Crypto Babe.

Crypto Babe took up the task of designing the NFTS, and John focused his talents on website creation, solving intricate business details and establishing the initial branding map.

With that partnership, his first NFT collection came into being – The blockchain Ballers.

However, the B-ball NFTs were more than just his first collection, they were his training grounds and his way to learn the ropes of the NFT space.

”A bunch of stylized artwork inspired by famous basketball players is just what we needed to push forth in the Non-Fungible Token domain. And with the artistic mind of crypto babe, it became easier and much more fruitful in the long run.”

And now, with The Doge Pound and the addition of a third member to the team, White Fang, these dog themed NFTs are all set to take over the metaverse.

John Lemon's journey from a student to an entrepreneur is interesting.

In 2014, he leveraged his desire to penetrate the technological sector with his ideas by founding two start-ups – Creation Burst Studios and Slick Lizard Gaming. Both of them were Mobile App Platforms, and both of them were his first foray into the technology sector that has now transformed into 10,000 NFTs worth US$85.4 Million.

Current State of The Doge Pound NFT

Funnily enough, when the NFT was first revealed, it didn’t have many takers. Although there were speculations here and there about an NFT collection in the same vein as BAYC, no more than a handful in the crypto crowd were watching out for the Doges.

It was only after the likes of Alex Becker, JRNY Crypto, and Elliotrades started supporting the Doges that people finally rallied behind it. And as a result, this NFT has been growing at a steady pace.

Currently, as of February 2022 there are 5.5k owners of these NFTs, with about 28,000 eth in trade volumes and, needless to say, they are selling like hotcakes. Not a day goes by when Doges aren’t leaving the shelves from OpenSea.

Such a steady rate has people wondering whether Doge Pound has eyes into the future. However, with its roadmap, it is safe to say that the original plans of the developers for the Doge Pound are much more than what initially people thought.

While it is maintaining a steady floor price as of the current trends, it is safe to say that it has set forth its foot to grow steadily (and safely) within the space.

What makes The Doge Pound unique?

Unlike many other NFTs, The Doge Pound introduced a Roadmap Whitepaper – comprehensively explaining every step they will take to facilitate its growth, and adhered to them.

Till now, the devs have covered 90% of that roadmap. They have funded the community with USD$ 30.000 to create something worthy for the Doge Point family.

And that brings us to the first aspect that makes The Doge Pound a whole different animal in the NFT crowd – focus on community-based development.

Bearing a realistic view of the NFT space and understanding that it is the community that adds value to every NFT floating in the Ethereum blockchain, The Doge Pound has introduced several community tools.

The first tool that it has revealed is the Ranking Tool. This Rarity tool lets the community have an insight into the rarity of Doges, its companion NFT, the Doge Pound puppies, and Doge Pound Halloween drops.

Added to that, a layer of customization and freedom that the holders of this NFT get is noteworthy. It has led to this NFT quickly climbing up the charts.

What does the future hold for The Doge Pound NFT?

Following along the lines of other projects in the NFT space, The Doge Pound is preparing the doges for the Metaverse. In a recent interview given to Bazinga, John Lemon has stated that they are on the road to introducing NFT video clips with original scores from Trey Songz and Steve Aoki. These clips will feature three-dimensional doges.

Furthermore, the new NFT plans include Doge Merchandise like jackets within the Metaverse to give more value to the NFT holders.

In the interview, Lemon is hopeful that with time, they would find a better way to integrate music in the NFT space and thus, would even give Doge Pound holders access to an Aoki concert shortly.

The Doge Pound Breakdown

The Doge Pound, a collection of 10,000 uniquely generated NFTS relies on the following traits to add uniqueness to each Doge:

  1. 13 Background
  2. 42 Clothing
  3. 10 Earrings
  4. 23 Eyes
  5. 10 Eyewear
  6. 21 Fur
  7. 2 Gender
  8. 38 Hats
  9. 34 Mouth

These customizations generate quirky and astonishing NFTs, making NFT holders salivate over them. One of the most notable YouTubers in the NFT space, Cade, says that the branding around these NFTs can make them go further and beyond.

How to buy The Doge Pound NFT?

There are several ways to get your hands on The Doge Pound NFT. But right now, your best bet lies on secondary marketplaces.

Keep in mind that these NFTs scream exclusivity and therefore are pricey. Thus, only invest if you’re ready to become a part of the community in a meaningful way.

And remember, if you want to stay updated about the price of The Doge Pound and other collections, be in touch with NFT Price Floor. Here, you will have the data you need so that you can go beyond speculation and add an informed weight behind your decision to buy the next trendy non-fungible token.

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