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Valhalla is an NFT collectible created by Stacked Studios that was released on 11-22-2022. The project consists of 9,000 unique digital items living on the Ethereum blockchain. We categorize it as a pfp/avatar project and it's part of the Stacked Studios general collection.

What is Valhalla NFT project?

Valhalla is an innovative NFT project that promises to reshape the gaming landscape. Powered by the dynamic FLOKI token, Valhalla's mainnet introduces a groundbreaking concept: players must hold a designated amount of FLOKI in their wallets to unlock playable characters, forging a deep connection between virtual ownership and in-game experiences. Moreover, warriors will have the opportunity to earn FLOKI tokens by engaging in thrilling battles within the metaverse, adding a new dimension to the gaming ecosystem.

In Valhalla, the concept of ownership takes centre stage. Anything acquired within the metaverse entirely belongs to its owner, who can freely trade it as desired. This unique feature empowers players to leverage their virtual assets, providing a sense of autonomy and potential financial gains. The project's ambition goes beyond traditional NFT endeavours, aspiring to rival industry giants like Twitch. Although this monumental task may seem daunting, Valhalla has already showcased immense potential, garnering significant attention.

The brainchild of Stacked Studios, a forward-thinking startup based in Los Angeles, Valhalla is backed by an impressive track record and a vision to become one of the leading crypto companies globally. With a whopping 15 million in funding secured, the project has proven its credibility and dedication to building revolutionary web3 products.

Valhalla NFTs encompass a captivating anime collection designed to foster a vibrant community of gamers worldwide. Envisioned as a crypto-native brand for gaming enthusiasts, the collection comprises five distinct character archetypes, each exuding its captivating personality. Among them, Humans serve as the primary inhabitants of Valhalla, embodying team players with a penchant for adventure. Toxic characters, on the other hand, dwell in the depths of ELO hell, notorious for their disruptive and unpredictable nature. Mechanized warriors, known as Mechs, wield their prowess through advanced neural networks and a thirst for domination. God/Eternal and Demon characters add further depth to the collection, reflecting divine and nocturnal origins, respectively.

Valhalla's upcoming metamorphosis into a fully-fledged metaverse game is set to revolutionize the gaming industry further. By harnessing the power of the FLOKI token, the game mechanics within Valhalla will transcend conventional limitations. Players will encounter an array of exciting PlayToEarn features, including a gardening system, interactive characters called Vera, an engaging battle system, immersive ship mechanics, and an extensive item system. These innovative gameplay elements will enable users to not only enjoy the Valhalla experience but also earn and collect FLOKI tokens, transforming the metaverse into a lucrative source of income for millions of players.

Furthermore, Valhalla fosters a sense of community by facilitating player interaction, progress monitoring, and serendipitous encounters within the metaverse. This social aspect adds a layer of immersion and shared experiences, establishing Valhalla as a vibrant hub for gamers worldwide.

Who is behind Valhalla NFTs?

The creative force behind Valhalla NFTs is an exceptional team who is driving the project's development and success. Led by MrBrownWhale, a respected crypto veteran, NFT expert, and Ether Cards council member, and Jackie Xu, a blockchain veteran with a decade of experience in the industry, the team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

With a combined team experience of over 50 years, the Valhalla development team consists of highly skilled professionals dedicated to creating an immersive gaming experience. Among them are two sound engineers who have not only worked extensively in the gaming industry but have also contributed to musical scores for renowned platforms like Netflix. The team also includes an illustrator, a character modeller, an animator, and an overseeing art director, ensuring that the visual elements of Valhalla are captivating and visually stunning.

Furthermore, the team boasts two Unity game developers who have been utilizing the engine since around 2008, providing them with extensive experience and a deep understanding of its capabilities. This expertise guarantees the creation of a remarkable game client for Valhalla, delivering seamless and engaging gameplay.

Collectively, this talented team of professionals is focused on the development and expansion of Valhalla, with plans to grow to a team of 20 powerful minds. Their diverse range of expertise, combined with their passion for blockchain technology and gaming, positions Valhalla for continued innovation and success in the evolving NFT and gaming landscape.

What has Valhalla´s series to offer?

Valhalla has an exciting series of offerings that cater to both creators and NFT holders. Stacked Studios, the driving force behind Valhalla, envisions a streaming platform that empowers content creators to cultivate strong communities through the utilization of NFTs. This platform, akin to a Web3 version of Twitch, aims to provide a seamless user experience, even for those who may not possess extensive knowledge of the crypto space. To achieve this, Valhalla plans to leverage governance tokens, turning video streaming creators into shareholders of the platform.

While the realization of this grand vision is still a work in progress, Valhalla's team has already made significant strides to enhance the experience for their holders. In Q4 2022, they successfully hosted a highly acclaimed tournament for Fall Guys, a massively multiplayer battle royale game, which garnered immense interest and participation. This success led to collaborations with other web3 projects, paving the way for future joint events. Furthermore, Valhalla rewards its holders with exclusive NFT skins to commemorate special occasions such as Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year. In addition, they organized a unique re-roll event, allowing holders to "re-roll" for new traits on their NFTs by burning a special token.

Valhalla's commitment to the gaming community is exemplified through its partnerships with renowned esports teams. Notably, they have established collaborations with T1, the three-time League of Legends world champions, and Sentinels, a team specializing in Halo and Valorant. Additionally, Stacked Studios teased their audience with a trailer in November for an undisclosed game, further heightening the anticipation surrounding their future releases.

To assert control over the distribution of its NFT projects, Valhalla launched its own marketplace in February 2023, demonstrating its commitment to providing a reliable and user-friendly platform for creators and collectors. The team also has a series of engaging community events lined up, including a Fortnite invitational tournament with substantial prize money, a community holders event in an exclusive Hollywood Hills mansion, and a dedicated event at NFT NYC.

Despite early controversies surrounding speculations about the CEO's identity, the Valhalla community stood by the project, clarifying that the accusations were unfounded. It was revealed that the CEO and the founder of Azuki, an NFT collection with a similar anime art style, are instead close business partners. Since overcoming this hurdle, the Valhalla project has been thriving, boasting a strong community sentiment and active participation from its dedicated supporters.

What lies ahead for the Valhalla NFT project?

The future of the Valhalla NFT project and Stacked Studios hinges on their ability to turn their envisioned streaming platform into a reality, as they have pledged. However, there is currently limited information available regarding the progress of the streaming platform and the undisclosed game featured in their trailer. This presents a challenge for the project as they strive to prove themselves and deliver on their ambitious goal of becoming the Twitch equivalent for Web3.

Competing with Twitch, a platform that accumulates over 55 million hours of watch time daily, is an enormous endeavour. Even if Valhalla successfully launches its intended product, achieving comparable viewership numbers will be an exceptionally difficult feat. The question arises whether the Valhalla NFT collection is an integral stepping stone toward Stacked Studios' larger vision or if it may potentially divert attention from their ultimate objective. Only time will tell. Nonetheless, Valhalla has already garnered significant attention from the Web3 gaming community, boasting ample funding and a devoted community, positioning them as a prominent player in the industry.

What was the Valhalla NFT mint price?

Valhalla's remarkable collection of 9,000 NFTs came into existence through a memorable minting event on November 22, 2022. This significant milestone marked the beginning of Valhalla's journey, capturing the attention and enthusiasm of NFT enthusiasts and collectors alike. The mint price for each Valhalla NFT was set at 0.35 ETH, providing an opportunity for NFT holders to acquire these distinct digital assets.

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