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World of Women

World of Women

by Yam Karkai(Jul 27, 2021)
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World of Women price floor and sales live data

World of Women is an NFT collectible created by Yam Karkai that was released on 7-27-2021. The project consists of 10,000 unique digital items living on the Ethereum blockchain. We categorize it as a pfp/avatar project.

What is World of Women NFT?

Ever since the arrival of NFT and its ability to give space for the underdog artists to represent themselves in the blockchain, the demand for inclusivity was one of the rise World of Women NFT project then arrived as one of the first NFT projects focusing exclusively on the inclusion of women – creating a safe space for the fairer sex with the NFT domain.

World of Women: an inclusive PFP collection

World of Women is an algorithmically generated, unique NFT project comprising 10,000 artworks, each representing women from different walks of life, including race and profession.

The arrival of the NFT was marked by it becoming a male-dominated space. As a result, there was a rise in demand for artworks within the blockchain that represent women. World of Women thus arrived as an inclusive NFT project that poises to create a thriving community celebrating representation, inclusivity, and equal opportunity for all.

Yam Karkai, the founder and artist behind this NFT project, is a well-known artist known for colorful hand-drawn art-style toward NFTs. Her approach to the artwork led to many publications quickly rallying behind this project, which led to its immense success during the early phase of the launch.

Another bullish support this project obtained was from the likes of Reese Witherspoon and Eva Longoria – two of the biggest advocate for women within the NFT space. Their social media tweets about the project led the World of Women to experience many pumps since its arrival.

World of Women NFTs launched in September 2022, reaching the floor price of 2.6ETH. The interest in this project dimmed a bit later but then bounced again to that level. However, it wasn’t until the support from the biggest celebrities that it received its first major pump.

In mid-January, Eva Longoria became part of the World of Women community, leading to WOW experiencing a parabolic increase to 8.4ETH. From that point forth, it started to trend sideways till March 22022. A minor retrace happened at the end of that month before pushing WOW’s floor price to an all-time high of 12.8ETH. This increase turned World of Woman NFTs into one of the biggest blue-chip NFT projects in space.

The price, however, then quickly retraced until hitting the bear-bottom of 2022 at 3.5ETH. There was a bounce soon after, followed by a sideways trading trend around 4ETH.

World of Women is one of the best niche projects in the world of NFTs. It is inclusive, pushes the community towards a more positive direction, and has the backing of major publications around the globe. There is also news that this project has started to make major headways toward the metaverse.

Who are the founders of World of Women (WOW)?

World of Women was founded by a team of four artists, led by female NFT designer Yam Karkai. She is a digital illustrator and NFT artist who grew up in Europe and Middle-Eastern countries. While always creative at heart, Yam first began working as a waitress. She then changed her vocation to a scriptwriter and a translator of legal documents.

Her first exposure to the crypto space came after working for Google ad space as a digital illustrator.

“I really didn’t have any idea of what this was, to be honest.”, Yam said in an interview with Randi Zuckerberg.

As a digital illustrator, she wanted a space where she could capitalize on her artworks without the involvement of a third party.

That realization further moved her creativity forward. Then, she started World of Women with her three friends, Raphael Malavielle, Toomai May, and BB.

Her diverse background also had a part to play in this project. She wanted to create an inclusive space where women in NFTs from all walks of life could be represented. That led to the World of Women being the success it is today.

Vision of WOW: collection of women themed NFTs

According to the official website, World of Women’s primary objective is to create an inclusive Web3 community through its collections. The purpose behind the creation of this NFT project is to create a women-focused space since, before that, only 5% of all NFT art sales were due to female artists.

It tries to bring about a new era in the web where everyone has a chance to move forward with vigor and grow further. The project aims to increase diversity in the NFT space and onboard the next generation of creators and builders – giving everyone an equal opportunity to succeed in this space.

What makes WOW NFT unique?

WOW is the first art-focused NFT project that focuses on inclusivity. Earlier projects were mainly designed for underdog artists and gave them a voice in the blockchain. It also offered them a way to capitalize on their artworks without getting a third party involved.

But surprisingly enough, the NFT projects fell short when it came to representation. Woman of the World NFT was the first women-centric NFT project to widen the blockchain ecosystem and bring more talent to it.

The benefits of owning a NFT Women item include:

  • Complete ownership of the artwork and the IP: Every WOW holder doesn’t only own the artwork but also its IP. It gives way for derivative NFT projects to come to the surface.
  • Monthly Airdrops: WOW holders access original monthly airdrops from selected NFT artists.
  • Access to High-resolution artworks: WOW holders have exclusive access to a 4k*4k file of the digital illustration.
  • Access to mint pass and presales: WOW has also started a Decentralized Autonomous Organization dubbed DAWoW. NFT holders get access to mint passes, and presales of NFT projects that this organization vets.
  • Raffles and discounts: The NFT project holds regular raffles and deals on the discord channel and Twitter space. NFT holders have access to those as well.
  • Access to IRL events: Each NFT is a ticket to real-life events organized by the WoW community. These events are fairly known, comprising not only NFT artists but also the celeb supporters of this project.
  • Customization of the NFT: Word of Woman holders can go to the official website, customize their NFTs with accessories, and buy WOW merch.

These are just the benefits to the holders. Women WoW NFT collection has gained renown across the globe because of its philanthropic ventures, including:

  • She’s the first: It is an organization that funds and supports local initiatives to educate and empower girls. World of Woman NFT donated 40k USD to the program.
  • Too Young to wed: There are many regions of the world where the barbaric practice of child marriage is pretty much alive and well. Too Young to Wed is an initiative fighting against that abhorrent practice. WOW donated 44k USD to the program
  • Strange Cintia: Strange Cintia is part of WOW’s NFT artist community that has suffered from ME/SFS for the past 20 years. WOW donated 57k USD to her through the GoFundMe campaign.
  • These initiatives have made World of Woman a force for good within the NFT community. Furthermore, this project’s support from celebs such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, Shonda Rhymes, and more has allowed it to amass many supporters.

What is the Future of the WoW collection?

Women of the world NFT has several plans underway – the biggest one is the integration with the metaverse. Bored Ape Yacht Club’s Otherside NFT shows one part of the World of Women’s nft playable characters.

WOW’s latest collection – WOW Galaxy, has also been a hit. The team is planning to move this project into the metaverse soon.

World of Women rarity

Here is the breakdown of the WOW NFT traits:

  • 11 Backgrounds
  • 27 clothes
  • 17 earrings
  • 28 eyes
  • 13 Face accessories
  • 23 facial features
  • 25 hairstyles
  • 7 lip colors
  • 9 mouths
  • 15 necklaces

World of Women floor price tracker

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