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Worldwide Webb Land

Worldwide Webb Land

by Thomas Webb(Nov 29, 2021)
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Worldwide Webb Land price floor and sales live data

Worldwide Webb Land is an NFT collectible created by Thomas Webb that was released on 11-29-2021. The project consists of 9,508 unique digital items living on the Ethereum blockchain. We categorize it as a metaverse project.

What is Worldwide Webb Land?

While the market is currently bullish about 3D metaverse NFT projects, there are some that still want to capture the same feeling of those 2D games that we used to play as kids. Worldwide Webb is an NFT project created to give room to integrate other 2D NFT projects, such as CryptoPunks and Cool Cats, a place within its 2D environments.

Worldwide Webb Land NFT: 9,500 apartments within a metaverse?

Worldwide Webb land is a collection of 9.5k NFTs, each representing an apartment within the Worldwide Webb metaverse.

The official website defines Worldwide Webb as a Play 2 Earn MMORPG that is a Free to Play Interoperable MMORPG Metagame on the Ethereum blockchain. Here, the players can play the game and earn the official crypto and NFT items.

The game is shown from an overhead perspective, reminiscent of the old Fire Emblem and Zelda games. This top view allows players to move around in all directions while outside the infrastructures, such as clubs, temples, and houses. While the players are inside, they move about in a standard bi-directional way,

Built with Moralis, the world of the Worldwide Webb is colorful. The demo that was released last year shows hundreds if not thousands of characters interacting with each other in the metaverse, moving across a vast world with a variety of infrastructures.

“We are trying to create a functionality of the social environment.”, says Thomas Webb. This project has been heavily inspired by Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One and aims to create a template for metaverses where NFTs of various worlds can interact with each other.

Despite its unique approach to the metaverse, Worldwide Webb land didn’t launch with much fanfare. It entered the market at 0.439ETH but gradually moved up to 1.55ETH. It peaked in March 2022, reaching 2.5ETH before retracing to around 0.30 ETH during the bear market. Currently, this project accumulates around that price.

In a world where every NFT project is trying to create a 3D environment, Worldwide Webb land has dared to venture into the 2D niche. “We feel that there is a need for a 2D verse, too.” – the official whitepaper has said. That is why, despite its less-than-stellar performance in the price charts, there are old-school gamers and some members of the crypto community who are bullish about the offerings of this project.

Who are the Founders of the Worldwide Webb Land?

Worldwide Webb was founded by one developer known as Thomas Webb as the best and the most interoperable metaverse game in the ecosystem.

“The metaverse allows people of all walks of life to engage in one space. I believe that whatever NFT a person owns, they must be able to use it in any universe in the Web3 space,” – Thomas Webb said in his interview with Moralis.

With the original idea to integrate all avatars in an integrated NFT ecosystem, he went through Moralis’s documentation, which he found easy to understand and get started. Now he had the means to springboard his project; he got started on creating the metaverse.

However, he was not alone in this venture. As Moralis is a leading web development platform designed especially to create, host, and grow dapps in one place, there is a community around it that got extremely interested in the project.

“The Moralis community started messaging us – saying how excited they are about the project. It was so good to have so many builders of the project giving us feedback to do better and even help us.” – Thomas Webb told Moralis.

The project started to take shape quickly, and finally, in December 2021, the NFTs were launched.

What is the vision behind the creation of Worldwide Webb land

The makers behind Worldwide Webb land want to create a template for metaverses that has the core values – socialize, interact, and earn – while keeping the space open to all. In order words, the devs don’t want to keep the project limited to a few NFTs but want to create an integrated space that can house the NFT projects of the world.

The idea is to also give tools to the NFT holders to help them create their own communities within the metaverse. The 3D metaverses are many, but 2D is few. Worldwide Webb Land was therefore conceived as a 2D metaverse where the developers can truly push their limits and innovate.

The end game of this project is to create a fully interoperable that has fun gameplay and play-to-earn and create-to-earn mechanics for the players, collectors, and creators.

The story of this metaverse is set in a distant future, where the player wakes up to the sound of their mothers calling them down for breakfast. At that moment, voice assistance alerts the player and summarizes to them the trending tweets that they should know.

  1. Ethereum is Up
  2. Banks are busting
  3. AR glasses are selling out fast.

The player then rushes out of the market and across the crowded streets that are completely augmented. The world is no longer only filled with reality; it now also has room for the augmented.

And that’s when Webb, the creator of this world, comes to greet the player.

The lore then goes into more depth about how an AI has gone rogue – but that’s all for you to discover.

What makes Worldwide Webb Land a Unique metaverse?

Other than the rich lore, the factors that the Worldwide Webb Land is a unique NFT project are:

  1. An integrated NFT project: Many NFT projects have arisen that have plans to create a more integrated ecosystem. However, the Worldwide Webb Land is an NFT project that focuses on NFT integration from the get-go. Players can play as their favorite pixel NFT, including Kongz, Punks, and even Apes. They can also use projects such as CrypToadz and Mooncats as battling pets within the NFT space.
  2. 2D metaverse is extremely fast: Since the developers are solely focusing on 2D integration within the metaverse, the development speed of this project is unprecedently fast.
  3. Already onboarded popular projects: Worldwide Webb has already onboarded popular NFT projects such as Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult and Mooncats – ensuring that an integrated metaverse is a lot more than just a pipedream.
  4. Ability to mint in-game items: Players can earn in-game NFTs and sell them on the secondary markets to compound their earnings.

What Lies Ahead for this Metaverse Project?

Worldwide Webb Land has a continuously expanding roadmap, and they are already moving towards it.

Q1 2022 Plan

Earlier this year, the developers launched occupiable land as NFTs. They also released an open source for those who want to develop their games within the metaverse. The Pokemon Style battle engine within the game has already been integrated with the project.

Q2 2022 Plan

In the second quarter, Worldwide Webb Land released an alpha version of the Mario Kart PVP racing game. They also introduced a decentralized autonomous organization and organized a hackathon GameJam, inviting players to create P2E games using the Worldwide Webb Land’s game engine.

Q3 2022 Plan

A battle royale style was introduced recently with in-game NFTs. New tools for developing NPCs inside the land were also introduced, and guild integration for communities was launched.

This project has drawn the attention of major crypto influencers like DCLBlogger, and Young Crypto. DappRadar has also mentioned this project in one of their broadcasts.

What are the traits of Worldwide Webb Land?

Since an apartment within the metaverse is all you can buy for this NFT collection, the traits are limited:

  1. 5,200 Small Apartments
  2. 3,189 Medium apartments.
  3. 1,050 Large Apartments
  4. 69 Penthouses

How to Buy Worldwide Webb Land?

Worldwide, Webb Land is one of the best NFT projects on Opensea. You only need to connect your wallet to initiate the purchase.

But knowing when to buy it will make a difference for you. At NFTPriceFloor, you can stay updated with the price to enter into this vast metaverse.

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