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YOU THE REAL MVP is an NFT collectible created by Memeland that was released on 6-15-2022. The project consists of 420 unique digital items living on the Ethereum blockchain. We categorize it as a gaming project and it's part of the Memeland general collection.

What are the Real MVP NFTs?

The Real MVP NFTs represent an exclusive alpha-group membership pass within the Memeland ecosystem, featuring a collection of 420 golden trophy JPEGs. Each gold trophy bears the same meaningful inscription: "In i dór -o i greatest memes lies i greatest mír," which translates to "In the Land of the Greatest Memes lies the Greatest Treasure." This inscription adds a sense of mystery and allure to the NFTs, hinting at the valuable and captivating content within the Memeland community.

Holders of the Real MVP NFTs gain privileged access to the Memeland Discord MVP Lounge, where they can engage with other members and obtain firsthand information about upcoming 9GAG drops, collaborations, and in-real-life events. This exclusive lounge serves as a hub for discussions, networking, and unique opportunities within this prosperous ecosystem.

The you're the Real MVP collection consists of 420 distinct NFTs, each one being a golden trophy JPEG, which highlights their rarity and exclusivity. Currently, there are 283 unique addresses that hold these prestigious MVP NFTs, indicating a dedicated and enthusiastic community of collectors and supporters.

All in all, the You the Real MVP meme NFTs offer an exceptional experience within one of the most exhilarating ecosystems in the NFT escenario, granting holders access to exclusive perks and a vibrant community of like-minded enthusiasts. With a limited collection of 420 unique golden trophy JPEGs, these NFTs hold both artistic value and a coveted status among their passionate holders. The inscription on each trophy adds a layer of intrigue, symbolizing the hidden treasures awaiting those who venture into the Land of the Greatest Memes.

The benefits of having a YOU the Real MVP NFT

The YOU the Real MVP NFT offers a host of exceptional benefits, propelling holders into an exclusive network of collectors, creators, professionals, and enthusiasts within the one the most prominents NFT ecosystems. Far from being just an "alpha group," the Real MVP NFT grants access to a community that openly shares advice, knowledge, and skills to support each other's success. Holders receive unwavering support from the Memeland team, ensuring a fulfilling and enriching experience within the community.

One of the key advantages of owning a Real MVP NFT is the unparalleled access it provides to cutting-edge projects and product drops. Holders gained priority access to exciting ventures such as Potatoz, Captainz, Treasure Islandz, and more. This premium membership unlocks the MVP lounge in Memeland Discord, offering private channels and discussions with like-minded members. The Real MVP NFT holders also receive preferential allowlist spots for NFT drops, IRL events, and exclusive collaborations, presenting unique opportunities for further engagement and participation.

Beyond the tangible benefits, the Real MVP NFT functions as a powerful engine booster for NFTs that belong to the 9GAG ecosystem. It acts as the NOS in the "Fast and Furious" movies, supercharging every key utility of Memeland NFTs. From multiplying weekly tickets to enhancing $MEME staking and more, the Real MVP status elevates the overall experience for holders, enabling them to maximize their participation and rewards. As a gesture of gratitude and appreciation, YOU the Real MVP NFT serves as an extra token of thanks to the passionate community and team members, fostering a sense of unity and excitement for the journey ahead.

How was the MVP NFTs distribution?

The distribution of the 420 "YOU THE REAL MVP" NFTs took place through a well-structured allocation process. Among the total allocation, 300 MVPs were distributed through a blind auction, allowing participants to submit bids for the exclusive NFTs. The blind auction lasted for 48 hours, and the top 300 bids emerged as the winners, securing their place among the Real MVP holders. Additionally, there were 50 backup bids from 301 to 350, serving as a contingency plan in case any of the top bids encountered issues.

A portion of the allocation, amounting to 100 MVPs, was reserved to reward contributors who played pivotal roles in the Memeland ecosystem. This group included investors, moderators, advisors, and teammates who received MVP NFTs as a token of appreciation for their valuable contributions. Lastly, the reserve consisted of 20 MVP NFTs, forming the final portion of the total collection.

The blind auction was a notable feature of the distribution process, allowing participants to submit their bids without knowing the bids of others. This fair and transparent approach ensured that the distribution of the Real MVP NFTs was conducted in an equitable manner, granting opportunities to those who valued the NFTs the most.

What was the YOU the Real MVP price of mint?

In June 2022, Memeland launched its inaugural NFT drop, featuring the highly sought-after collection YOU the real MVP. The minting process for these NFTs involved a unique blind auction, allowing the Memeland community to play a determining role in setting the price. During the blind auction, participants submitted their bids without knowledge of others' bids, ensuring a fair and transparent mechanism for price determination.

As the blind auction progressed, the final price for each YOU the real MVP NFT reached approximately 5.3 ETH. Subsequently, the collection requested successful bidders to send the same amount of 5.3 ETH to their designated wallet addresses, completing the minting process for these exclusive NFTs. This method allowed participants to actively participate in the pricing process and obtain the coveted YOU the real MVP NFTs, contributing to the vibrant and engaged Memeland community.

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