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by ASM(Dec 2, 2021)
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ASM Brains price floor and sales live data

ASM Brains is an NFT collectible created by ASM that was released on 12-2-2021. The project consists of 9,132 unique digital items living on the Ethereum blockchain. We categorize it as a metaverse project.

What is ASM Brains NFT?

The NFT ecosystem is in desperate need of better use cases, especially after the arrival of crypto winter that pushed NFT sales down by 150%. In light of that, many utility-based NFTs emerged with use cases so unique that they can redefine the entire ecosystem. ASM Brains is one of them.

ASM Brains: artificial intelligence powered NFTs

ASM Brains is a newly announced NFT project comprising 9132 unique NFTs. Each ASM brain is a unique artificial intelligence that crypto enthusiasts can own via NFTs. It has been touted as one of the most ambitious projects within the crypto space – attempting to create utilities from the very beginning.

Each NFT is pictorially represented as a 3D animation consisting of patterns inside the bubble. The patterns inside represent artificial consciousness, and the bubble represents the container of the said consciousness.

Because of the abstract nature of this NFT, the only unique traits that one can see are the varying color patterns. That is, Opensea doesn't have a section that divides the NFT selection by any characteristics.

ASM or Altered State Machine is a project that’s underpinned by a new protocol for Non-Fungible Intelligence. Altered State Machine is a platform where users can create, train, and trade AI agents using NFTs.

Launched in December last year, the NFT floor price for ASM Brains grew parabolically by 400% in January 2022, which accumulated for a while. After establishing a virtual straight line in the pricing chart from March to April 2022, the floor price of this project dipped in response to the arrival of the crypto winter. That said, the NFT's total volume is 8.2 ETH, and the project currently has 2.9k owners, indicating that the project's use case is slowly becoming more relevant to the people.

Who are the Founders of ASM Brains?

ASM is the brainchild of two individuals, David McDonald and Phil Williams.

David McDonald started his career in the geospatial and IoT (Internet of Things) space. After the concept of Blockchain became more prevalent and practical, he shifted his attention to this technology.

Throughout his career, David led many tech ventures across many countries, including New Zealand, Australia, and Japan. Soon, David McDonald also became a member of the world's first national primary industries blockchain consortium.

Aiding in his venture was Phil Williams, a veteran creative director, and technology strategist possessing much wisdom about most tech=industries today.

Before founding Altered State Mind, Phil Williams used to lead teams at companies such as Orion Health, Saatchi & Saatchi, and Sapient Nitro. He then moved to start his own ventures. He has also held senior roles in the Digital Art Direction, technology investment analysis, product direction, and innovation management.

The project also has advisors like Aaron Macdonald, the director of Centrality, one of New Zealand's fastest-growing technology companies. He brought his knowledge of the startup space to the table to give Phil and David the right business vehicle to materialize their vision.

Why aren’t the NFTs Smart? The question that led to the creation of ASM Brains

“NFT awareness happens in stages.” – Aaron McDonald said in the interview with Delphi Media.

“Whether it is Bored Apes or Crypto Punks, NFTs started as a flex. A new generation of flexors arrived who continued to show off their NFTs like they are wearing a Rolex.”- Aaron continued.

The PFP NFTs had only limited use cases when they first arrived. It was only after the introduction of the metaverse – a virtual environment – that these NFTs started to venture into animation.

"But the problem with current metaverse is, and I don't want to dunk on anyone, is that they are boring." – Aaron McDonald said in an interview.

The lack of vibrance in these metaverse projects is something that's echoed all across the ecosystem. Many crypto metaverses don't focus on creating NPCs (Non-Player Characters) within the virtual environments, making the entire environment dull.

Altered State Mind is a protocol that is designed to create smart NFTs. Think of them as smart NPCs you can own like avatars, but instead of directly controlling them, they act of their own volition (with a lot of pre-programming, of course). The project aims to help players program their NFTs so their assets can do stuff for them within the metaverse.

The ASM brains is a project to tokenize AI agents and make them ownable. The protocol fingerprints the AI agent as it grows and attaches it to the NFTs.

What makes ASM Brains NFT unique?

ASM brains introduced AI into the NFT space – allowing users to create AI-powered trainable agents, which in itself is a unique aspect of this NFT.

Users can basically “give their existing NFT a brain”, an ASM brain. For instance, if you have a 3D avatar NFT, you play as in, say, Decentraland. However, if you want to step back and let your NFT do activities for you without you being involved, an ASM brain will help you achieve that.

Metaverse Worlds powered by ASM

Many new metaverse worlds are being created using the ASM platform. They range from financial markets to combat zones, beach bars to sports fields.

Agents can learn and grow

One of the most unique aspects of this NFT project is that the AI agents you own can grow through training. The Gym of the platform leverages the machine-learning model specific to each world to improve the Agent's performance.

The NFT Agents are tradable

After building and training the agents, users can sell them in any NFT marketplace. And as we already mentioned, the ASM NFTs are available on major platforms, including OpenSea.

Smarter Gaming

The traditional gaming ecosystem has started to become customizable. However, there is a limit to how many alterations you can make within that space. With ASM Brains, NFT holders can create a personalized gaming space.

Impact of ASM Brains

ASM Brains is one of the more recent NFT projects but has already started to make headways in a positive direction. It has partnered with Non-Fungible Labs to develop real-world applications of NFTs to empower artists to truly make a real difference.

FlufWorld, a rabbit-based NFT project, will soon allow holders to make their rabbit avatars smart by integrating ASM brains.

Other projects are also coming to join hands with ASM brains to move the NFTs in a smarter direction.

ASM Brain NFT has been the foundation of other ASM NFTs like ASM AIFA All-Stars ad ASM AIFA Genesis Boxes. AIFA, or Artificial Intelligence Football Association, is an upcoming P2E game where you can train your players to play and win in the football leagues.

ASM Brains NFT Breakdown

There are 9132 different ASM brain NFTs. Each NFT has three components.


The Genome is the universal structure with randomized values. It lies at the base of every Agent and has values that define parameters depending on the type of ecosystem. For instance, if your Agent is powering a game-based NFT, the qualities are speed, strength, and size. To power an NFT in the financial domain, Agents have attributes like randomness and risk tolerance.


It is the virtual representation of the NFT, the vehicle through which the Agent will operate. You can bring your current NFT or create a new one on the platform.


As the Agents train, they store memories. Each Agent can have different memories subject to the world they lived in.

How to Buy ASM Brains NFT?

To buy ASM Brains by Altered State Machine, you must head to OpenSea. However, if you want to grab the NFT at the best price, consult with NFT Price Floor. There, you will receive updates about the NFT trends of the best NFTs, allowing you to pick the NFTs of your liking at the best price.

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