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DigiDaigaku Genesis

DigiDaigaku Genesis

by Limit Break(Aug 9, 2022)
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DigiDaigaku Genesis is an NFT collectible created by Limit Break that was released on 8-9-2022. The project consists of 2,022 unique digital items living on the Ethereum blockchain. We categorize it as a pfp/avatar project and it's part of the Limit Break general collection.

What is the Digidaigaku NFT collection?

Digidaigaku is a revolutionary NFT collection of 2,022 digital characters meticulously crafted by the visionary minds at Limit Break. This avant-garde Web3 gaming company, founded by esteemed game designers Gabriel Leydon and Halbert Nakagawa, has an impressive legacy in the gaming industry, having spearheaded the creation of acclaimed mobile games such as Game of War: Fire Age and Mobile Strike during their tenure at Machine Zone.

The Digidaigaku universe encompasses a myriad of exhilarating collections, each offering a distinct array of digital collectables and immersive experiences for its users. Delve into the core collections, crafting collections, and adventure key collections to discover an assortment of characters with unparalleled traits, powers, and abilities. Building upon their storied gaming expertise, the Digidaigaku team promises to usher in a new era of community-driven NFTs and gaming adventures.

As the founder envisions, owners of Digidaigaku NFTs will receive a series of airdrops consisting of new NFTs derived from existing Digidaigaku assets or in-game virtual treasures. This interactive experience encourages the steadfast holding of NFTs while facilitating the inclusion of airdropped objects within the dynamic in-game marketplace.

Who is behind the Digidaigaku Dragons?

The masterminds behind the awe-inspiring Digidaigaku Dragons are an integral part of the project's success. Spearheading this groundbreaking endeavour is Limit Break studio, led by none other than Gabriel Leydon, an esteemed luminary within the traditional gaming industry.

Gabriel Leydon, renowned for his illustrious career as the CEO of California-based game studio Machine Zone, has played a pivotal role in developing some of the most beloved mobile games in history. Notable among these are the iconic titles Final Fantasy, Games of War: Fire Age, and Mobile Strike. However, in 2018, driven by a desire to explore the boundless potential of blockchain technology within the gaming sphere, Leydon embarked on a new path. Eager to delve into the revolutionary implications of blockchain, he departed from Machine Zone to immerse himself in this transformative landscape.

Shortly thereafter, Leydon joined forces with his esteemed former colleague and Machine Zone co-founder, Halbert Nakagawa, to forge a new gaming paradigm known as "free to own." This innovative gaming model captivated their collective vision, and in 2021, they established Limit Break, a studio dedicated to bringing their gaming revolution to life. With their combined expertise and unwavering dedication, they secured a staggering $200 million in funding in 2022, fortifying their mission to redefine the gaming industry. Leydon expressed his utmost confidence in the venture, stating, "We have the perfect partners, perfect investors, and perfect team in place to bring the gaming industry into a new era."

The decision of two established figures like Leydon and Nakagawa, who have made indelible contributions to the traditional gaming landscape, to embrace the realm of NFTs and cryptocurrencies marks a monumental endorsement for the space. Their departure from a prestigious studio like Machine Zone in pursuit of this innovative frontier has sparked newfound excitement and optimism within the industry. The collaboration between these visionaries promises to unlock uncharted possibilities and propel the Digidaigaku Dragons, and the entire NFT and crypto gaming sphere, into unprecedented realms of success.

What gives the Digi Daigaku its value?

The value imbued within the Digi Daigaku NFT collection is derived from its unique Genesis characters, each possessing a multitude of captivating features and a plethora of potential characteristics. Through a meticulously crafted combination of backgrounds, physical traits, accessories, and props, the rarity of these digital beings is determined, further enhancing their allure.

Notably, among the Digi Daigaku pantheon, one particular entity stands as the pinnacle of rarity. Known as Katana wielding #812, this enigmatic character possesses an awe-inspiring score of 1520017, making it the rarest gem within the collection. It is one of only three Daigakus to possess a staggering 12 traits, and its ownership of the Steampunk accessory is shared with just another single character. Remarkably, #812 has yet to be traded on OpenSea, indicating that its fortunate recipient, who obtained it during the free mint, anticipates its value to appreciate significantly over time.

Diving deeper into the tapestry of valuable Digi Daigaku creations, two exceptional sales have left an indelible mark. #379 and #1632 have solidified their positions as the epitome of rarity, capturing the hearts and wallets of discerning collectors. The illustrious #379, elegantly adorned in black and white, stands as the sole NFT in the collection boasting the mythical Lines & Dots trait. Remarkably, this character is one of only five without an Outfit or Background, adding to its distinctive appeal. In August 2022, it found a new home after being sold for an impressive sum of ETH 59, equivalent to approximately $99k.

Meanwhile, the coveted #1632 possesses the highly sought-after 1:1 Moth & Flames Mythic traits, rendering it a true gem among the Digi Daigaku treasures. This mesmerizing creation sparked an intense bidding frenzy, resulting in a monumental transaction of ETH 200, equivalent to an astounding $333k, in October 2022. The allure of this remarkable character, intertwined with its rarity, has solidified its status as an object of desire for NFT collectors.

Through these remarkable instances and the overall intricacy of the Digi Daigaku universe, the collection's value blossoms. The meticulous combination of traits, accessories, and backgrounds crafted for each character, along with their rarity and scarcity, amplify their desirability and allure. As the realms of digital art and NFTs continue to evolve, Digi Daigaku has firmly established itself as a testament to the boundless creativity and value that can be found within the digital realm.

The Digidaigaku Dragon Eggs and the core collections

DigiDaigaku provides an assortment of extraordinary collections and projects that contribute to the game's overall allure and immersive gameplay experience.

One remarkable facet of this enchanting universe is the Dragon Eggs collection, a repository of arcane and mysterious treasures. Concealed within each ethereal Egg lies a distinctive and enigmatic power yearning to be unleashed. These Eggs hold the potential to give rise to magnificent dragons, each possessing its own awe-inspiring abilities and characteristics.

Only those deemed worthy can partake in the ownership of these mystical treasures and unlock their true potential. The Dragon Eggs collection beckons adventurous souls to delve into its depths, unveiling secrets beyond imagination and embarking on a journey filled with magic and wonder.

Adding to the allure of DigiDaigaku are the delightful Baby Dragons, enchanting creatures that bring joy and fascination to all who encounter them. Despite their small stature, these mighty beings possess a spirited nature and an adventurous spark. With their fluttering wings and playful personalities, Baby Dragons capture the hearts and minds of all who venture into their world.

For those seeking grandeur and power, the DigiDaigaku Giant Dragons await. As a collector of DigiDaigaku Baby Dragons and Dragon Essence, you possess the ability to harness the essence of Chaos, Courage, or Life and bestow it upon your very own Giant Dragon. To unleash the full potential of these majestic beings, venturing forth into the unknown and shaping your destiny within the captivating world of DigiDaigaku, it’s an amazing opportunity.

Additionally, the Digi Chibis collection introduces a delightful and innovative foray into the realm of Bitcoin Ordinals. These adorable, Digi-inspired collectables exude charm and creativity, serving as testaments to the frontier of digital art. With a limited quantity of only 2022 Chibis available, these exclusive creations are distributed for free among those who own a DigiDaigaku Genesis.

Each project presents unique opportunities for exploration, bonding with extraordinary creatures, and becoming part of a vibrant and immersive community. Users are invited to embrace the magic, embark on unforgettable quests, and unlock the secrets that lie within the extraordinary world of DigiDaigaku.

What was the Dragon Digidaigaku NFT Super Bowl controversy?

During the 2023 Super Bowl, Limit Break invested a whopping $6.5 million dollars in a creative advertisement. The ad showcased a QR code and viewers were encouraged to scan it for a chance to mint one of the 10,000 Dragon NFTs that were being added to the Digi ecosystem.

However, things took a turn for the worse when Leydon, the mastermind behind the advertisement, tweeted the link to the mint page right before the commercial aired. This left many viewers unable to mint the NFTs, as they did not have an Ethereum wallet, a requirement for the process. This resulted in a major backlash on Twitter, and those who did manage to mint the NFTs were quick to sell them for a profit, causing the collection's floor price to plummet. In an effort to make things right, the team and Leydon decided to launch a second mint. They reserved 5,000 of the eggs, and registration was open for over a week.

What was the Digidaigaku mint price?

One of the key selling points of this project was its free minting process. However, it was executed in a stealthy manner, with only a limited number of people being aware of its occurrence. On August 9, Gabriel Leydon made the announcement that the DigiDaigaku mint was open, and Limit Break later endorsed the announcement.

Each wallet was allowed to mint only one NFT, and a total of 1,926 unique wallets were able to participate in the minting process. Controversy has surrounded Digidaigaku since its inception.

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