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Metahero: Generative Identities

Metahero: Generative Identities

by Pixel Vault(Sep 5, 2021)
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Metahero: Generative Identities price floor and sales live data

Metahero: Generative Identities is an NFT collectible created by Pixel Vault that was released on 9-5-2021. The project consists of 6,764 unique digital items living on the Ethereum blockchain. We categorize it as a pfp/avatar project and it's part of the Pixel Vault general collection.

What are MetaHero Universe: Generative Identities?

MetaHero Universe is a superhero-inspired metaverse with a collection of mutants, heroes and villains. These consist of fully-realized characters, complete with varying levels of customization, including accessories, back, base, face, hat, identity, mask, suit, type and even origins.

This unique collection is trying to penetrate the comic book universe with a combination of NFTs, Defi and gamification.

To mint one MetaHero of your own, you only need to redeem MintPass #1, the signature NFT reservation system created by Pixel Vault.

Inspired by Crypto Punks, the NFT collectable pioneers, Pixel Vault introduced these generative identities to create a comic-book metaverse. To help them add weight behind their creations, Chris Wahl came aboard. He is an artist who has achieved international renown for doing illustrations for Marvel, DC Comics, Tank Girl, Hasbro, Lucasfilm and more.

The introduction of these Meta Hero NFTs bodes well for both established and indie-comic book artists looking to launch their art to capitalize on the foundation of CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club and other successful PFP/avatar NFT collections.

“If you have the ambition and the zeal to dive into NFTs and come up with compelling stories, MetaHero Universe has 140 core heroes waiting for you.” – Odious, the new art director of the Pixel Vault’s New line of heroes.

Starting as nothing more than a humble attempt to create a comic book based on NFT characters, MetaHero characters are slowly consolidating into a complete metaverse, with much more to come in the future.

The developers are currently working to create an online game based on the characters that will make MetaHero one step closer to having a fully-realized galaxy in the blockchain multiverse.

MetaHero Universe Generative Identity NFTs: Founders and founding principal

The highly customized generative identities and the new faces of the MetaHero characters are coming from the minds of Chris Wahl, Odious and the founders of MetaHero Universe – Pura Vida.

Chris Wahl, an illustrator who has worked with the likes of DC, Marvel, Hasbro, Tank Girl and more, has brought forth his brand of fantastical superhero-ness into the creation of each character.

Chris’s designs have taken several shapes, but all conform to a standard -- “perfect” proportion of how mutants, heroes and villains should look like. From stylish masks to accessories that perfectly fit the muscular proportions of the character, the highly tailored and yet innately conventional accessories set the tone for the metaverse.

However, this established artist had to find a way to realize his creatives on the blockchain. And that’s where Odious, the new art director Pixel Vault comes in. By aligning the art with the crypto world, Odious has introduced these Metaverse heroes into the metaverse.

But the one responsible for the generative identities aspects is the founder of MetaHero Universe – Pura Vida.

He has leveraged Metascanning technology to digitize real-world assets and make them part of the MetaHero universe.

Attempting to bridge the gap between the metaverse and the “real”verse, Pura Vida has pioneered a new way to generate unique NFTs that reflect the real-world assets to make the MetaHero universe as nuanced as possible.

Stating that the world is heading towards a new form of “tokenomics”, Vida enforces that his company will move forth to create a metaverse that reflects the real world.

“It will help the crypto economy come out of its speculative bubble.” – he further stated, saying that currently, it is speculation and word of mouth popularity that gives NFTs their worth.

But, once there is a reinforced bridge between the real world and the metaverse economy, such speculations will phase out.

“And, another matter is the worth of metaverse. It is evolving at a higher rate as compared to the real world. In a few years, the metaverse economy might become greater than the real world’s.”

Breakdown of the MetaHero Universe Generative Identities

MetaHero Generative Identities offer a wide variety of customizations. These traits create a unique character that owners can truly make their own.

Here is the breakdown of them:

  1. 7 Accessories: They are all different types of earrings ranging from Pearl to Void.
  2. 12 Backs: From tails to shotgun to capes to blades, these variations give a sense of alignment of the MetaHero character.
  3. 12 Bases: They represent the species of the characters, including humans, chrome, Magma, snake and more.
  4. 25 Faces: They represent the type of face accessories of the character.
  5. 24 Hats: Ranging from Classy to Sleek, these faces add an additional layer of gravitas to the generative identities.
  6. 3 Identities: Male, Female and Mutant. They form the foundation of the identities.
  7. 13 Masks: They represent the accessories heroes or villains use to csonceal their identities.
  8. 13 Origins: They form the background of the character. In crypto art, they are background colors that vary based on the character’s origins.
  9. 32 Suits: Ranging from specter to sheath to kendo to zone and more, these suit types work well to show the character powers in addition to giving them unique trades.
  10. 2 Types: Only two types of people exist in the MetaHero Universe. You are either a hero or a villain.

There is a maximum supply of 9,678 Generative MetaHero identities. It includes the core collection of 146 fully matched Meta Hero Concept Characters.

What makes MetaHero Universe Generative Identities valuable?

We now exist in an era where comic books have gone mainstream, and the concept of heroes and villains permeates through most sections of society. At such time, the MetaHero Universe has given us a unique collection of characters based on scanning real-world assets.

But the factors are make them truly valuable are:

  1. Diverse customization: All unique aspects of generative identities come from highly nuanced traits. They enhance the chance of rarity – increasing your earnings if you’re to stake them on the NFT market.
  2. Comic-book style art: Chris Wahl has really brought forth his best in these generative identities. Every feature is highly defined. Because of the dynamic suits, masks, and other accessories, those features give you a truly artistic NFT.
  3. Using in the upcoming game: The developers are now moving forth with a MetaHeroes game where your characters can fight as not two-dimensional art but three-dimensional avatars.

Among those factors, the most exciting part is the upcoming MetaHeroes game.

MetaHeroes Universe: The Game

"This game will be part of the MetaHero Universe and will be a combination of a shooter and an MMO – incorporating play-to-earn mechanics. “ – CJ, VideoGameGreak, part of operations, business development and media at PixelVault.

This upcoming game will reward gamers for participating and playing. Participants can use the prizes they earn to purchase in-game utilities and other rewards.

Stating that it is necessary to tread lightly, CJ said – “We have seen a lot of play-to-earn games. They burn out pretty fast because their rewards are repetitive. What we seek instead is to create a game that has the perfect balance of fun and rewards.”

How to buy MetaHero Generative Identities NFTs?

Initially launched at Bogged.Finance, Metahero NFTs were quickly grabbed by investors. However, there is a chance for you to still get one if you were not among them. If you want to claim one hero or villain for your own, you can reach out to the secondary market in OpenSea or Rarible.

Make sure that you are ready to pick the character that defines the traits you seek because while the customization options are many, the cost is high.

If you want to find out about the price of MetaHero Universe Generative Identities and other important metrics, stay tuned to NFT Price Floor.

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